Is SportsCenter serious right now?


So as I’m working this afternoon, I have SportsCenter on in the background and something familiar comes to my attention. I start hearing best ballpark foods and a top 5 list and I think to myself. What. The Fuck. I literally did this a month ago! A month!I did this exact same thing, ranking the top 5 ballpark foods.¬†Absolutely unreal. Gardens will be sending out their first cease and desist letter to ESPN.

Ps. how fucking ridiculous are those lists? A snow cone at number 5? A banana split for god sake at number 1?! Absolute lunacy.

P.s.s. my refresher for top 5:

5. The Schmidtter

4. Sausage Poutine

3. Crab dip fries

2. Rocky mountain oysters

1. Pulled pork parfait

Now that’s a list!

Author: Brogy

Normal guy.

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