French Open 2016 Predictions: Men’s

french open

The time is approaching for one of the year’s four main tournments: The French Open. It is the one played on the slow clay courts. But without further ado, here are your predictions for various players this year.

Rafael Nadal

He’s won the tournament 9 times and has only lost twice. It was his result last year that was concerning though. Nadal lost in the quarterfinals to Novak Djokovic. Admittedly 2015 was the worst year of the guy’s career, but he is certainly on the decline. I still expect him to go deep this year but most likely won’t win. Result prediction: Semifinals

Roger Federer

Still the most loved athlete around the world and one of the highest paid too, the man just doesn’t quit. He’s won 17 grand slam titles but like Nadal has been on a steady decline for years. Federer is a one-time French champ but that occurred in the first year that Nadal had lost earlier before the finals, leading some to believe that’s why he even won. I just don’t see him ever winning it again and considering recent results you never know how well or poorly he’ll do in a grand slam. Result prediction: Quarterfinals

Novak Djokovic

Reigning world No. 1 Djokovic seems to be at his best ever this last year and there doesn’t seem much stopping him. He’s a three time finalist at this tournament, losing twice to Nadal and another time to Stan Wawrinka last year. The only reason I wouldn’t see him winning is because of his result in the Monte Carlo Masters, also played on clay and where he lost in the 2nd round to a much lesser player in Jiri Vesely. Result Prediction: Winner

Stan Wawrinka

To the surprise of everyone, including me, Stan the Man beat Novak Djokovic for the second grand slam title of his career, winning the Australian Open in 2014 over Nadal. He hasn’t put up results like that so far this clay season but being a former champion I do expect a solid run but still to fall short. Result prediction: Semifinals

Andy Murray

Murray has been a huge surprise this past year on the orange surface. He won his first two clay titles last year and made the final of the Madrid Open recently. Alas his results on the surface have been poor until last year but with recently better form I expect him to go far.A recent split with coach Amelie Mauresmo may put that at risk. Result prediction: Finals

Dominic Thiem

The guy is a recent up and coming star on the tour and after a breakout 2015, where he won 4 titles on clay. It’s solely for this that I expect a better performance than his 2nd round loss last season. Result prediction: 4th Round

David Ferrer

One of the most consistent and enduring players of the last decade, he definitely plays his best on clay. He has made the finals before, losing to Rafael Nadal. Like many others, he too is aging and on the decline but with this being his best grand slam and surface I do expect a great result. He can always pull off an upset. Result prediction: Quarerfinals

And there you have it ladies and gents, ya boy’s expectations for the Men’s draw this year. I’ll do a women’s one next. The link to it is here:

-The Irishman

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