Hurricane Matthew Playlist

Bear down and protect yourselves!!! It’s time for another hurricane in Florida. This is my first one as recently I’ve moved here from Chicago. And nothing gets me through storms easier than music (and booze). This is what you should thematically be listening to.

The title says it all. No other reason.

I had to again after my one post of its release. I mean, consider the illusion the path meteorologists say it’ll take, until it veers off course and hits you directly. Idk. It makes sense to me.

Many people love hurricanes, many people don’t. But nothing’s more annoying than preparing for something , in this case stocking up on food and water, and never needing it. You wasted your time and money. So this shit better at least cause a slight power outage so I can eat the food.

The title says it here too. What are you really gonna be doing when the lights go out? Checkers? Hide and seek? Nah. Get jiggy with it, or whatever these Brits say.

So you see my late 90’s-early 00’s bias, right? Consider this the “after” song. But no, Matthew, do not hit me one more time. Go dissipate in the ocean.

Kinda the symbolic “fuck you, we hate this destruction you bring” song. I don’t wanna deal with the cleanup.

So why am I not evacuating? What am I doing hangin’ ’round? Bad idea, I know. Death is knocking at my door, and yes that’s a huge exaggeration.

Not all of these truly fit a hurricane setting but they’re all damn good regardless. Stay safe out there folks, as I’ll try too.


Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show

FINALLY!!! It’s something I’ve been begging for for years. As yet another big middle finger to the hypermasculinity of football, Lady Gaga is set to perform the halftime show in this season’s Super Bowl. You may remember she had already sung the national anthem at this past Super Bowl, but this is the real deal. It comes after two years of other such high profile events: her duets album with Tony Bennett, multiple awards show performances, the aforementioned national anthem, appearing in American Horror Story, and now this.

Gaga is another in a string of recent acts like Katy Perry and Beyonce, twice really for the latter, that you’d think no typical football fan likes. But they are all beloved by many and fitting for the show. There’s just so much she can do with this though. Will it be a medley of old tracks? Mostly stuff from the soon-to-be-released new album? Likely it’s going to be both. I mean you don’t go to a Britney Spears show in Vegas just to see everything from her cd Glory, right? No.

If you had to ask me, her best cd was by far The Fame Monster, the EP deluxe addition to her first album The Fame, so that’s the stuff I want to see. Though since it will more than likely be a complete medley, I say start out with an opening of Bad Romance, transition into Paparazzi or Poker Face, something from her next album Joanne, and end it with The Edge Of Glory or Applause. The great thing about Gaga used to be that you don’t know what to expect with her though. You can never forget the meat dress, her male alter ego Jo Calderone, or arriving on the red carpet in a giant egg. That stuff is classic her and nobody can ever match that level of randomness and artistry, aside from David Bowie of course. There’s been no details about the setlist or what will go on, so it’s all up in the air.

Regardless of what goes down, this will be the spectacle of 2017. There is nobody like Mother Monster. Long live the queen!

The Hug Seen ‘Round The World


Well there’s something you never thought you’d see. The Obamas and ‘Dubya’ were at a Smithsonian opening together, where it’s important to note it was centered on African American culture no less. Laura’s thinking “God, why did I kill that guy as a teenager?” and the president’s glaring at his predecessor like “Bro, get away from my woman before you catch THESE hands.” Nobody expected this though. It’s republican and democrat, Texas and Chicago, Rangers and White Sox. (Remember, Obama threw out a first pitch at one of their games. Sorry @ all Cubs fans. That’s another thing you’ll never get.)

The internet went crazy over this, but that’s to be expected when something of this magnitude happens. Cue the edits.


Brad needs some love after the breakup.


Plants can be presidents?


Oh, Donald. Are you gonna marry Michelle next?

There’s so many to see and so many to laugh at. Please, in these trying times where so many bad things happen, it’s good to have this kind of stuff to see.

Grey’s Anatomy Is Back


(Spoilers below…)

The show that never seems to end is back: it’s season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy. Last night was the season premiere so here’s your roundup of what went down.

Mer and Riggs

They made out late last season, so of course there’s been some tension leading from there. Maggie reveals she really likes Riggs at Amelia and Owen’s wedding, surprising Meredith. The tension continues to this current season so in the end of the episode Mer breaks it off in a way between the two, but they’ll likely get back together soon.

April’s Baby

As seen in the season 12 finale, Ben had to perform an emergency c-section on April’s baby at home. Both were expected to die but miraculously survived. In the premiere April is in the hospital resting and healing with her new baby, named Harriet, and Jackson’s mom/Harriet’s grandma argues with April over what the baby’s last name should be. Luckily, all is well in the end.

Jo Leaves Again, Or Does She?

Also happening in the season 12 finale, Jo reveals to DeLuca first that she is already married and left her last husband and changed her name because he beat her. (totally fucked up, right?) DeLuca took het back to her apartment from the bar to make sure she’s safe, but he fell on her on her and Karev’s bed, only to have him then come home and beat the shit out of DeLuca. But now, in the premiere, Jo struggles all episode with this and the info that DeLuca knows about her past life, threatening to Dr. Webber that she’ll leave Grey Sloan and start anew again, only in the end changing her mind.

…which leads us toooooo…

Karev In Jail

The main episode-long plot is the aftermath of Karev beating up DeLuca back in the apartment. The former’s hand is injured and the latter’s face all messed up, mostly hurt in the eyes. The police arrive at the hospital with various characters working and they all eventually get questioned. Bailey informs them she didn’t know what happened but her husband, Ben Warren, had suspicions after seeing Alex’s hand and DeLuca’s poor reaction to seeing that Karev was taking care of him. Meredith also knew the whole time it was in fact Karev who beat up DeLuca and not just a random accident or mugging, eventually turning him in and the two talk in jail.

Sooooooo much drama in an hour. Can’t wait for next week.

Trump And The Birtherism

Damn, Donald. Back at it again bringing up birtherism. Yes, it’s back in the news again, and differently so now. Trump has now gone back on his comments about accusing President Obama of being born outside the United States.

He announced this morning he was making a major announcement at the new Trump International hotel in D.C., so I pretty much brushed it off as another thinly veiled publicity stunt for his company that’s kind of necessary after the Trump Taj Mahal had closed this summer amidst a strike. This “major announcement” had been an unnecessary statement that he no longer believed Obama was a foreigner and instead blamed the birther idea on Hillary Clinton. Former NYC mayor and failed 2008 presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani had recently been interviewed about this by Chris Matthew and also blamed the birtherism on Hillary’s 2008 campaign when she ran against Obama but failed to provide any source to where she said it. Politifact has debunked this claim.


So why is Trump going back on it? Many reports lately have stated he dropped the claim he was so adamantly pushing 4 years ago when the President was running for a second term. All i see is him saving face with democrats and moderates since it was one of the most ludicrous claims by anybody ever, which he still pushed even after Obama showed his birth certificate. One may wonder if he’ll ever go back on his claims against Ted Cruz and his birther issue and right to run for president. (Cruz was in fact born in Canada but because his mother was American) Regardless, he is just trying to score cheap points and put more blame for everything on democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He’s got more things to worry about anyway. *cough cough TAX RETURNS*

iOS10: Gone Is The Gun Emoji & Other Changes


It’s that time of year again folks. Every fall around September, Apple releases a new, and inexplicably more expensive, iPhone and a new software update for owners of it and previous phones with compatible models. This is the 10th iteration of updates and so far, it’s had the usual complaints. Nobody is ever satisfied with anything. But the company always works out these kinks in subsequent mini updates often released as soon as the very next weekend.

The first one people started complaining about months before was the fact there would be no more gun emoji, with a water or toy gun replacing it.


People are mostly upset because they see it as Apple caving into pressure from anti-gun rights people. I myself am not a supporter of guns but see this as just stupid. It is an emoji, not a real one. The replacement looks stupid on par with when people said the updated icons in iOS 6 (or 7?) looked like fisher price toys. So sad.

T Mobile also came out right away and said those under their service who own the SE (a cheaper version of the 6S), 6, and 6S should not update their software yet because it caused their phone service to disconnect. Nobody knows why and Apple said they were working to resolve it.

One huge welcome update is the fact you can finally delete all those useless apps that come preloaded, like stocks, game center, tips, voice memos, and more. It’s been something we’ve wanted for years as they take up wasted space that many often need for other things like music and photos, especially on the smaller 16gb models.

I took a poll in the past day where 35% of people said they stuck with iOS 9 for now, while 55% had moved onto iOS 10. (10% had still been on iOS and before because of older models that can’t download either of the newer two updates.) We can only expect proportion to become more one-sided in the coming weeks as all the errors are worked out.┬áThere’s so many improvements despite what everyone says though and iPhones just keep getting better as the real gold standard of smartphones.

Top 5 Baseball Players To Eat Various Foods Off Of

Let’s be real people, baseball players are the “bangin’est” athletes out there. And there’s nothing better than them except food (and beer). So why not combine the two into on epic hot mess? Cuz that’s stuff I actually think about man. These are your top 5 foods to eat off various players.

#5 Geovany Soto & Pizza

Gotta represent my favorite team, even though he went to the Angels.

#4 Kris Bryant & Buttered Lobster

As much as I hate the Cubs, gotta give this man some credit.

#3 Dallas Keuchel & Cinnabon Delights

Because the sweet cream would get stuck on his beard.

#2 Mike Trout & Fiery Doritos Tacos

Sorry Mike, Subway isn’t cool. Deal with the Taco Bell.

#1 Bryce Harper & Baconators

The real reason I even made this list. It’s been a long running joke that i’d eat a baconator off him. I mean, I would. But…yeah.