The Brent Primus Show – “Christmas Lights” (Ep. 103) [9/21/16]

B talks to himself for an hour about Christmas lights.


Note: Uploading this was a DISASTER. Almost as bad as the show. First, our Soundcloud didn’t work. Then our YouTube didn’t work. Meanwhile my MacBook is crashing left and right because the RAM is jacked up from macOS Sierra plus it’s on its last legs anyway. Then I created a separate YouTube channel for all of our podcasts but that also didn’t work. So I just uploaded it on my personal page for now. Oh well. Chaos.

Ho Hum, B1G Dominates Again

To no one’s surprise, the Big Ten Conference dominated the college football weekend again. Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and, now, Nebraska defeated non-conference opponents to improve the B1G overall record to something like 504-3. Now, one of those loses was Iowa, who lost to National Champion/Power North Dakota State at home when they were favored by 18 points, the only true blemish for a B1G power thus far.

Ohio State routed Oklahoma on National TV at the same time Sparty cruised past Notre Dame after dropping 36-straight points on the Irish. I said it was a must-win weekend for the B1G, and the teams delivered.

Michigan started slow but ended up blowing out the Buffaloes from Colorado, and Nebraska became the favorite in the B1G West after upsetting Oregon. Wisconsin struggled for much of the day, but took home an important W before now facing MSU, UM, OSU, and Iowa in four consecutive weeks (they will lose all four).

It really, really sucks Iowa lost because now there could be chaos if the Hawkeyes manage to win the West again and make the Big Ten Championship Game. If they somehow could upset Ohio State, Michigan, or Michigan State, the conference would be shutout of the College Football Playoff. Not to mention, a win over Iowa in the title game this year will not be of the same importance as a win over last year’s undefeated squad. Huge loss for Kirk Ferentz and his new contract.

Onto my list of contenders…

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Michigan
  5. Michigan State
  6. Houston
  7. Stanford

Notice I did not include Louisville, who will not make the College Football Playoff because they will either lose to Clemson or Houston. They’re irrelevant, and I don’t believe the hype. They were not on my original list and I will not include them now. They remind me of Utah last season, who started hot, routed Oregon, but ultimately fell apart in a resemblance of what will happen to the Cardinals.

The Big 12 might as well cancel their season. Completely meaningless at this point. TEXAS IS BACK, FOLKS!

The Biggest Saturday of My Life is Tomorrow


Tomorrow is that big for the Big Ten Conference. Huge, huge, match-ups. If things go South, I may cancel my podcast in shame for chest-bumping during these first couple weeks. Look, everyone knows the #B1G is the GOAT in college football. We have 5 of the top 12 teams in the country according to the Coaches Poll. 5 of the top 13 in the AP. Tomorrow we must back it up.

Ohio State travels to Norman to face the Sooners at the same time my Michigan State Spartans make the short trip to South Bend for a date with Notre Dame. To say I’m nervous would be an understatement. The last time time the B1G had a day this big was all the way back in Bowl Season 2016 when MSU and Iowa were pounded on National TV. Two wins tomorrow makes everything OK once again.

Here’s a look at my current College Football Playoff list:

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Florida State
  4. Houston
  5. Clemson
  6. Michigan
  7. Stanford
  8. Michigan State
  9. Iowa

The Final Four will be from that list, gauranteed most likely. Cheers to the B1G. Let’s get it.

Sandy Alderson saying the Tebow signing was based purely on talent is the greatest quote of all-time


“This had nothing to do with merchandise or sales. This was based strictly on baseball talent.” -Sandy Alderson, in real life, awake, actual GM of a good major league team, 2016

There it is. The greatest quote in the history of sports and it’s not even close. A dead-pan Alderson saying this to the media like he’s a character in Airplane! Truly, truly unbelievable, yet so great. Look, I’ve been a huge Mets fan for a 2015 playoff run, the very very beginning of this year, and then again since this past week. I am qualified to rip on our brilliant General Manager who signed the Second Coming. How an actual Major League GM can say this with a straight-face and actually think someone can believe it is why it is the GOAT quote of all-time. I will never read this and not laugh.

It’s a lie for a two reasons: 1) Tebow sucks at baseball and Sandy said as much before the tryout. The tryout didn’t change ANYONE’S mind that Tebow is bad at baseball. He sucks. Dave Dombrowski literally made fun of the whole thing and didn’t even consider for a sighing him for a second (smart smart smart smart smart [South Park Mormon Song]). The tryout is hilarious to watch, he looks like the kid who tries out for high school after having an average season on the 8th grade squad. Not the worst player out there (he can make contact) but dude you’re not making the team and you look really awkward out there. Yet, there’s one thing more important than talent, which leads me to point 2) $$$. This signing will make up for itself faster than Lil Obama putting out a joint when Barack comes up the stairs. In fact, it probably already has. I don’t see the harm in the Mets flat-out admitting, “Hey, he isn’t good, but he will make us money to spend on other players that will help us win the next five World Series titles.” Who cares? That’s smart baseball.

Alderson signing him based on talent alone is not smart baseball. It’s really, really stupid, because, again, Tebow sucks. But the dude knows how the market himself #brand