Grey’s Anatomy Is Back


(Spoilers below…)

The show that never seems to end is back: it’s season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy. Last night was the season premiere so here’s your roundup of what went down.

Mer and Riggs

They made out late last season, so of course there’s been some tension leading from there. Maggie reveals she really likes Riggs at Amelia and Owen’s wedding, surprising Meredith. The tension continues to this current season so in the end of the episode Mer breaks it off in a way between the two, but they’ll likely get back together soon.

April’s Baby

As seen in the season 12 finale, Ben had to perform an emergency c-section on April’s baby at home. Both were expected to die but miraculously survived. In the premiere April is in the hospital resting and healing with her new baby, named Harriet, and Jackson’s mom/Harriet’s grandma argues with April over what the baby’s last name should be. Luckily, all is well in the end.

Jo Leaves Again, Or Does She?

Also happening in the season 12 finale, Jo reveals to DeLuca first that she is already married and left her last husband and changed her name because he beat her. (totally fucked up, right?) DeLuca took het back to her apartment from the bar to make sure she’s safe, but he fell on her on her and Karev’s bed, only to have him then come home and beat the shit out of DeLuca. But now, in the premiere, Jo struggles all episode with this and the info that DeLuca knows about her past life, threatening to Dr. Webber that she’ll leave Grey Sloan and start anew again, only in the end changing her mind.

…which leads us toooooo…

Karev In Jail

The main episode-long plot is the aftermath of Karev beating up DeLuca back in the apartment. The former’s hand is injured and the latter’s face all messed up, mostly hurt in the eyes. The police arrive at the hospital with various characters working and they all eventually get questioned. Bailey informs them she didn’t know what happened but her husband, Ben Warren, had suspicions after seeing Alex’s hand and DeLuca’s poor reaction to seeing that Karev was taking care of him. Meredith also knew the whole time it was in fact Karev who beat up DeLuca and not just a random accident or mugging, eventually turning him in and the two talk in jail.

Sooooooo much drama in an hour. Can’t wait for next week.

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