The Hug Seen ‘Round The World


Well there’s something you never thought you’d see. The Obamas and ‘Dubya’ were at a Smithsonian opening together, where it’s important to note it was centered on African American culture no less. Laura’s thinking “God, why did I kill that guy as a teenager?” and the president’s glaring at his predecessor like “Bro, get away from my woman before you catch THESE hands.” Nobody expected this though. It’s republican and democrat, Texas and Chicago, Rangers and White Sox. (Remember, Obama threw out a first pitch at one of their games. Sorry @ all Cubs fans. That’s another thing you’ll never get.)

The internet went crazy over this, but that’s to be expected when something of this magnitude happens. Cue the edits.


Brad needs some love after the breakup.


Plants can be presidents?


Oh, Donald. Are you gonna marry Michelle next?

There’s so many to see and so many to laugh at. Please, in these trying times where so many bad things happen, it’s good to have this kind of stuff to see.

I’ve Felt The Bern And Will Stand With Her


Be honest, we all knew it from the beginning of the primaries. Despite strong competition from Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, it’s only a matter of time before Hillary Clinton is the democratic nominee.and faces Donald Trump in the general election. It’s this exact fact that has so many Americans uneasy. Clinton and Trump are the two most hated politicans in history. (While Donald isn’t a politician per se, for the sake of this post we’ll consider him one) So because of that democrats have asked themselves this question: How did we get here and are we really going to have to vote for her?

I’ve written multiple posts about the election and various issues that have come up from it. The one that frustrates me the most are once again fellow Bernie Sanders supporters who won’t vote for Hillary in the fall. Why? More and more, people don’t trust her. They say she’s flip flopped on issues over time and just says what people want to hear, that she’s rigged the primaries, lied about the emails, and intentionally “killed” those involved in the Benghazi situation. I agree, only to an extent though.

Politics is a game of lies, money, and doing whatever you can to win. Every election cycle candidates tell us they’ll solve this and that, and for the most part it’s just empty promises. Not one president or congressman has followed through on every single thing they said would happen. Like this, politicians have changed stances on issues too, which is understandable because public opinion hasn’t been a constant either. In her first campaign for the Senate, Clinton had vowed to bring 200,000 to the state over her term. While this may have not panned out exactly as planned, as 170,000 jobs were lost, similar to many other states in the so-called “rust belt”, she had co-sponsored the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition with republican senator Lindsey Graham, which would give tax incentives to companies who were fully domestic and thus created jobs in America. Commitment to this even when setbacks arise is something I want in a president. Clinton had also opposed gay marriage until 2013. While you can say she flip-flopped, it later to gain support, it wasn’t even supported by most Americans until about the same time as people’s values change and it became more accepted and known as normal.

In this primary season many have accused Clinton of “election rigging” too, most of them being Bernie Sanders supporters. While I don’t know the facts too well myself, I don’t believe that explains her results in every state. States with a higher population and therefore more delegates to be allocated were mostly won by Clinton, including Texas, Florida, and New York. The margins of victory, respectively 32%, 31%, and 16%, can hardly be attributed to any such voter fraud or ballot stealing/deletion. Her campaign was also accused of campaigning on-site at polling locations, something which is illegal but she herself did not do this so it may have been out of her control. I’ve also explained in previous posts how the superdelegates, who are elected officials that can support any candidate in the party and change their support at any time, have overwhelmingly been in favor of her over Sanders because of his more liberal political stance and that he doesn’t support big banks or so-called “political corruption”, believing her presidency would favor them more. While I’m against having superdelegates for this fact, I don’t believe you can criticize Hillary for this.

Now to the emails. Oh, those emails. It’s been one of the things her republican opponents have attacked her most on, but at least Sanders said in one debate that the topic needs to be dropped. If you haven’t heard about it though, from the time she was First Lady when her husband Bill was president. Regulations at the time had allowed her to do this and for a long time after that. The State Department only recommended after she left that that government employees not use personal emails for business purposes. Only in 2014 did Obama sign changes to the Federal Records Act that required anything used on personal emails to be sent to their government ones too for monitoring. Despite this, many people in both political parties still feel she broke the law and should be jailed. You can read up on it further to see whether or not she did anything wrong. Hillary Clinton Email Details

Don’t forget Benghazi too. “Hillary is a murderer” is a common statement by many Americans now and the facts just don’t support that. Multiple investigations have found that while the State Department was negligent over information received about deteriorating conditions in Libya, nobody has been charged with any crimes yet. These findings are in detail more on Politifact. Benghazi Investigation Findings I do believe this scandal is the biggest one where I would understand why people wouldn’t vote for her.

Having considered all of that, it comes down to this: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? People complain that this is what it’s come to, but it’s also likely the same people who didn’t go and vote in the primaries to prevent them from securing their party’s nomination. A lot of them may be Bernie Sanders supporters who say they only want him elected and don’t see a point in voting otherwise. His supporters consist of many young people and independents. You can safely expect that these independents at least would prefer his “outsider” status over that of Hillary and would instead not vote or vote for Donald Trump in the general election. But it is the young people that have failed him. I see it all over facebook and twitter. People share memes about him and say they “feel the bern” but haven’t even registered to vote. News flash, your posts on the internet don’t count as votes. Such a shocker there, I know.

Other supporters of Bernie who vote democrat regardless of the nominee have said they will do so this year because “the Supreme Court is at stake” and that indeed has recently been a hot topic with Senate republicans saying they won’t vote in favor of Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland, expecting that a republican will win in November and stalling on picking the ninth justice until then. The problem with this is now Donald Trump, the republican nominee, has historically been very much a democrat and likely only claims to be a republican saying all this racist, out of line, and untrue to exploit the beliefs of some more conservative voters. It has also been brought up that he may nominate a democratic justice, but that’s all up in the air. Some have actually gone on to believe the conspiracy  that he’s only running to isolate voters and get a democrat into office. I can neither confirm nor deny that but it’s a plausible thing at this point. Remember when I said the republican controlled Senate expected a republican to be president though? What if Hillary does end up getting elected and appoints someone she’s more politically aligned with? They’ll have impeded the progress of justice in America for so long and unnecessarily at that. I think that’s imprisonment-worthy.

Have we forgotten the #NeverTrump movement too? I’m on that boat. This was something started by democrats and some republicans even who believed any candidate would be better than Donald Trump. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were seen as his best alternatives in their party, but they both dropped out of the race. Now it’s moved onto Bernie and Hillary. Bernie does have higher approval ratings and polls more favorably against Trump than Hillary does, but continuing his run at this point is a waste that takes away time Hillary could be using to campaign against Trump. What supporters of Sanders are saying by not voting for Hillary is that Trump is essentially more fit to rule the free world. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Even voting for Sanders if he chose to run as a third party candidate would take away alot of votes that would instead go to Hillary. Luckily, he has expressed the fact he will endorse her if she secures the nomination.

In the end, it really is a battle between someone who is highly qualified, has held public  office on multiple levels before, and has lived in the White House, and a racist, misogynistic businessman that makes fun of anybody who opposes him. Who’s more presidential to you?

-The Irishman

Turbulent tyrant mother targets Target over Transgender Bathroom Policy

Target has received a lot of backlash over their new policy of transgenders using whatever bathroom they please & let’s be honest, most of it is from females and conservative- Christian families. Below is a clip of a mother and family marching around a Target with a bible shouting how Target is perverted.

I completely understand why someone without an open-mind may have these negative thoughts, but lets be 100% honest again, I guarantee that transgenders (boys & girls) have been using the bathroom of their choice for a long time; it did not just randomly start happening. Many girls are concerned over possible “transgendered men” trying to come into a bathroom to see them, but a few things strike me as being odd with this comment. Though it is a sick world we live in, most times when men make the transformation to their desired sex of a female, it is because they feel like a woman inside. Why would a man, turned woman, make such an effort just to go to the restroom to see a woman taking a shit or taking a piss. It would take a really horny dude, who doesn’t mind getting caught (easily) in a public bathroom with 20 cameras outside in the halls to pull a stunt off like that. Check out the picture below; all those black things on the ceiling are cameras… It gives me anxiety just looking at this picture. Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.50.20 PM.png

I don’t quite know why men aren’t more pissed about the whole situation to be completely honest. Maybe virgins are the only ones that uses the store’s bathroom and don’t mind being preyed on by females in a bathroom, but seriously they are even more prone to someone of the opposite sex seeing and grabbing their wiener while they pee. But again who the hell cares. Maybe women are most upset that these men who transform into beautiful women are pissed they don’t look that good. In just a few years your wife or boyfriend are going to be living together and taking nasty Chipotle craps with the door open.


I could keep going on forever about this issue but I will wrap it up. Though I am a moderate politically, I do believe in equal rights for women and the LGBT community. That being said, I believe women have the right not to use the bathroom & transgenders have the right to. I am curious to see the percentage of the total number of people who walk into a Target compared with those whom who actually use the restroom as well. I am not a fan of public bathrooms myself to begin with. Who likes hearing a fart, dump, and splash in the next stall over. No one. Who likes standing less than a foot away from another man while he has ding dong out. No one. Just like every other issue that causes controversy. If something bothers you, don’t do it. Don’t take someone else’s right away from them & certainly don’t bring the bible into the situation if you are only going to say negative, terrible comments, when we are called to love others. You certainly don’t have to accept any decision that people make, but you do need to grow a pair and worry about your own views. When girls/ guys start getting raped, that is when it should be stopped.


Why Hillary Needs To Let Bernie Be The Nominee

bernie hillary

Who would have thought the Democratic race was going to last so much longer than the Republican one? They started with only 5 running, which quickly shrunk to only these two pictured above after the Iowa primary. And still they’re locked in a battle for the nomination, but alas Hillary has nearly clinched the nomination large in part due to the democrat-only superdelegates. Despite this, she will face a tough road ahead when dueling Donald Trump *gags* for the election and these are the reasons she needs to think about what’s best for the party and let Bernie go on.

1-General Election Polls

As of today Donald Trump is narrowing the deficit he faces when compared to Hillary in general election polling. While if it were to go the other way, Senator Sanders still leads him 13 points as of May 9th according to InsideGov.

2-Independent Voters

This is something where Bernie and Trump both excel in, the ones calling for a “political revolution” and “outsider”. While Bernie has actually been in politics for a very long time, his lack of being in the public eye like the former first lady turned secretary of state is seen as being outsider enough for his supporters. Independents see her ties to Washington as corrupt like many others in Congress and say they just won’t vote for her if she’s the nominee.


No, I’m not talking about the tv drama. I’m talking about Benghazi, standing by her husband while he cheated on her, the Wall Street speeches and connections to it, rigging various primaries, the recent allegations at the Nevada convention, amongst many other things. Alot of this has turned off potential voters and once again the independents especially. Her refusal to release the emails has been of the biggest complaint by republicans and Sanders alike.

4-Bernie’s Supporters

Many of his supporters have said they will not vote for Clinton if she’s the nominee and instead vote for Trump. That cuts out a large portion of potential democratic voters, which to me is a very immature thing to do just because your “fav” didn’t “win”. But i can’t change people. Bernie himself has said he will support her if she becomes the nominee and called for his fans to do the same.

5-Flip-flopping On Stances

This is something she seems to have a poor record on according to most who aren’t voting for her. She’s been accused of just saying what people want to hear just to get their vote and not being genuine, unlike Senator Sanders who has consistently stayed true to what he’s believed in.

6-Bernie Can “Sling” Them Repubs

His more relaxed stance on gun control is I believe the main reason he has a chance of taking some republican voters. Namely he said in one democratic debate he doesn’t believe gun manufacturers shouldn’t be held responsible for the mass shootings we’ve had in the past few years, while Hillary has said they should be held liable.


You’ve probably seen it on twitter. It’s gained alot of traction like how the #NeverTrump trend has too. It takes alot of haters for that to happen but she just turns people off. Which brings me to my final point…

8-Disapproval Ratings

Her disapproval rating is at a staggering 37%, only bested by Trump’s 53% disapproval rating. Somehow the two most hated candidates have both essentially gotten their party’s nomination. I don’t know anymore man.

I tell you this as a registered democrat. Yes, I will still vote Hillary when she clinches the nomination. I won’t be entirely happy about it though.

-The Irishman

Did Donald Trump Kiss A Man??

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 11.01.49 PM.png

To answer the question, no he did not. But isn’t modern art spectacular (Especially when it causes a stir in Republicans)? Street artist, Mindaugas Bonau, has depicted the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump, on a BBQ restaurant wall, in Lithuania, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. We’ll see how long it takes for an offer to surface to remove the masterpiece. Last time something like this happened was in Sydney, Australia, where an artist painted Kanye West kissing himself. His starting bid to remove it was 100k and a lifetime supply of Yeezys. It looks like someone came through. 7283966-3x2-940x627



“Hey, I shot a kid. Want the gun?”

george zimmerman

The scumbag strikes again. Notorious murderer George Zimmerman is back in the news after recently trying to sell the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin. Don’t really feel like going into much on the whole trial again because we all remember that horror. He said the gun “…was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin” and this is “your opportunity to own a piece of American history.” Yeah there’s a lot of problems with this.

How did he even get the gun back? Who would even allow a MURDER WEAPON to be sold or even returned to its owner? (he was technically acquitted of murder but had essentially confessed to killing Trayvon, albeit in defense) Why are we still keeping this guy in the news? It’s pretty aggravating.

Luckily, one site he posted this auction on,, had taken it down. So I guess there is some justice that even some gun owners don’t want to be associated with this awful person.

But i want to lighten the mood a tad and provide you with this, while also keeping it on topic. Fuck you GZimms!!!! (skip to 1:55)

-The Irishman

Tuesday Primary Predictions

Republican Primary: Ted Cruz joining forces with John Kasich just proves that Cruz has accepted defeat. The Donald is definitely cracking up with his campaign staff over this sell out move by Cruz. It also shows that he is not only anti Trump but also pro establishment. No one wants John Kasich in office, if you are an anti establishment guy, which Cruz claims he is, you would do anything to prevent Kasich from getting the nomination. I think the Cruz and Kasich team up will only help Trump secure the GOP nomination.


Democratic Primary: Does anyone even care about this race? It is clearly over. Hillary has this thing in the bag. Bernie can win the rest of the states and Hillary would still somehow have more delegates than him. Honestly no one is taking defeat easier than Bernie. So pathetic. He’s getting screwed over by the DNC and doesn’t even care. Hillary roasts him all the time and Bernie doesn’t even care to respond. So sad. And when he does stick up for himself, which is rare, he’ll tell Hillary to “Shut up.” Then Facebook will blow up and “Bernie Sanders Dank Memes,” Facebook group will talk about how he owned Clinton. Telling her to shut up and to let you finish. Wow you’re such a tough guy, Bernie. Complete Savage.


States Prediction:

Connecticut: (D) Hillary (R) Trump

Delaware: (D) Hillary (R) Trump

Maryland: (D) Hillary (R) Trump

Pennsylvania: (D) Hillary (R) Trump

Rhode Island: (D) Bernie (R) Trump

Hillary wins 4/5. Yuuggee sweep for Trump.


-The Rabbi (TRUMP2016)