Get Trumped: The Democratic Party

Bananas absolute bananas. That is the only way to describe the debates last night. The moderating was terrible. Donald Trump did not say much besides sticking up for his business and trying to clear his name. Hillary Clinton sat and just watched Trump speak and gave her old political BS, that no one takes serious anymore.

The most surprising part of the night was when all of the polls came out to see who won the debate. CNN first reported that Hillary won in a landslide but every single poll that has came out since has Trump winning in a landslide. I’m not exaggerating. Every. Single. Poll. I thought he did a good job debating for his first time one on one but I did not expect him to be getting every poll going his way.

Bottom line is no matter how good Hillary Clinton does in a debate she will never beat Donald Trump. The only person capable of beating Trump in a debate is Bernie Sanders.

Trump and Sanders were definitely America’s two favorite presidential nominees because of their use of language. The way they spoke to their audiences with passion, inspired their followers. Hillary Clinton does not have that fire in her heart and her supporters don’t even have that inspiration to put in work to see her get elected as President of the United States.

You read it hear first, no matter what Hillary or Trump does on the debate stage. Donald Trump will always win. Sadly the only hope the Democratic Party had at stopping Trump was Bernie Sanders who should have gotten the party’s nomination. I am not a Bernie Sanders supporter but it is obvious to say that their corrupt political decision of giving Hillary the nomination will hurt them in the long run.

The prediction of what will happen in the next month is pretty clear. Trump will win the next two debates by a landslide just like he did last night, whether he speaks with substance or not. When election day rolls around, you will see Trump once again on top. For the last time I will say- Trump will win because he has the ability to inspire people. Whether you agree with his policies or not, you have to admit he does strike passion in American’s eyes. Newsflash to every American out there, Hillary cannot win on Never Trump voters alone.

25 of the Best Gameday Signs

It’s College Football Season again which means another year of College Gameday on ESPN which means more hilarious signs. Here are 25 of the funniest Gameday signs from over the years.

Shake Weight jokes are always funny.

The only good thing about Oregon.


They have a point.

Classic Bama fan.

Anyone else miss Denard?

B definitely made this sign.


Fetty Wap Prediction.




Everyone loves Smalls.




The Big Ten Welcomes You.

Most likely being held by the Irishman.

Urban Crier.

Sparty On.



The truth hurts.


I hope not.

Young Love. Winston and his crab legs.

A sign I would most likely be holding up.

Kanye 2020.

Make America Great Again.


-The Rabbi

All Time Steroid Team

It took my awhile to compile this list. Sadly there are many MLB legends that all juiced up so coming up with a lineup of legends was pretty hard.

SP – Roger Clemens

One of my least favorite MLB players of all time. I loved how Roger Clemens denied steroid use about 1000 times before finally admitting it. One of the most obvious HGH cases in the history of baseball. Clemens was 45 and still winning 20 games a season, no doubt he was on steroids.

CP – John Rocker

This Atlanta Braves hurler used to cause nightmares for New York Mets fans not because of what a great reliever he was but the fact that he or a Mets fan always did something chaotic every time he came to New York. It was always an electric atmosphere when he would run out of the bullpen at Shea Stadium. I’ll never forget the time a fan jumped onto the field in LA and mooned John Rocker. Chaos. Oh yeah by the way he also juiced up.

LF – Barry Bonds

Barry was one of the most clutch hitters I have ever witnessed, incredible how he could jack a homer out pretty much whenever he wanted. Too bad he juiced up. I love how Barry is the hitting coach for the Marlins now. Definitely has to be encouraging steroid use from Giancarlo Stanton and Marcell Ozuna. Dee Gordon already got caught, I blame Bonds.

DH- Jose Canseco

Canseco straight out of Cuba was one of the craziest people to ever put on a MLB jersey. Just google Jose Canseco crazy and you’ll find stories that will make you laugh for hours. Unreal stuff this guy did on top of taking steroids. My personal favorite crazy story Canseco ever told was saying he ran the 40 in 3.9 seconds. It’s impossible bro just like you acting like a normal human being for more than 30 seconds.

1B- Mark McGwire

McGwire has one of the greatest nicknames in sports…Big Mac…Everyone loves a ginger who can smack 60 home runs a year except when that red head is on steroids. McGwire is still involved in the game much like Bonds most likely encouraging steroid use from the San Diego Padres players.

RF – Sammy Sosa

Slammin Sammy always was a fun guy to watch. He had a great baseball name too. I use to have a Sammy Sosa poster in my room because I was just a fan of his name alone. Sosa had a great career and has to give George W. Bush depression every night. The biggest mistake Bush ever made was trading Sosa to the Cubbies. Sammy, great player. Cubs, bad organization. #AnyoneButTheCubs

CF – Manny Ramirez

Manny just seems like the classic MLB bad guy. If he is on your team then you love him but if he isn’t you hate the guy. Ramirez had some great moments in the Red Sox organization with David Ortiz still one of the best 3-4 hitters I’ve ever seen. Ramirez already admitted to steroids will Ortiz be next?

C – Ivan Rodriguez

I spent most of my childhood bashing this guy because everyone always said that he was the best catcher in the MLB. Nothing used to trigger me more than hearing that Pudge was better than Piazza. That’s absolute chaos one was a steroid user the other unified America with bashing a two run dinger against the Braves after 9/11. Getting back to Pudge he had a great career and brought a second title to Miami and basically resurrected the Detroit Tigers who were irrelevant for over 20 years.

2B- Dee Gordon

As I said earlier definitely blame Barry Bonds for Dee Gordon taking steroids. Up came Dee Gordon from AAA a good guy with a bright future but here comes Barry wanting to ruin someone else’s legacy. My advice to you Dee leave Miami and stay away from Barry.

SS- Miguel Tejada

Miguel Tejada took steroids and was a good player. Don’t really have much to say about Miguel, a pretty boring athlete in my opinion. I did enjoy watching the Tejada/Mora infield with the Orioles but that was because I was a Melvin Mora fan. Needed a shortstop so it was either Tejada or Johnny Peralta. I chose Tejada.

3B – Alex Rodriguez

I never had anything against Alex Rodriguez. Yeah he took steroids which is terrible but the guy got a lot of unnecessary hate especially from the New York Yankee fans. Everyone’s favorite A-Roid moment had to be when he got beat up by Jason Varitek. Great fight, wish we saw more like that in the MLB today. Congrats on the great career A-Roid have fun in retirement.

-The Rabbi

B1G is the only good conference in college football

Proof is in the games. The Big Ten is the best conference in college football for the first time since last year. The conference has both depth and the top-tier teams. To make it even better, the rest of the conferences are trash. The SEC is dead (Alabama is good). The Big 12 is actually dead. The Pac-12 stinks. The ACC has a couple of good teams but mostly trash. The rest of the nation is bad except Houston (legit) and Notre Dame. The B1G went 12-2 with unranked Wisconsin dominating No. 5 LSU at Lambeau Field. Oh, what’s that? A B1G team beat a SEC team when they actually come into the Midwest like every single B1G fan has said would happen if a SEC team would finally do that. Of course the SEC dominated the Big Ten for the past decade, every bleeping game was in the South at the Georgia Dome or in Jerry World. Come to the Midwest and you will lose, as proven.

Live look at the current playoff hopefuls.

ACC: Clemson or Florida State

SEC: Alabama

Big 12: Ha!

Pac-12: Stanford

B1G: Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Wisconsin

Other: Notre Dame, Houston

Seriously, who is left? Who am I forgetting? Are there only 11 good teams in the NCAA? Yes. #B1G


  1. Ohio State
  2. Michigan
  3. Alabama
  4. Clemson
  5. Florida State
  6. Houston
  7. Stanford
  8. Michigan State
  9. Iowa
  10. Notre Dame

Note: I will discuss this more in-depth when I finally get around to recording a podcast.


Caution: Don’t Dance By The Pool

ryan lochte

Famed Olympian, liar, and Milo Yiannopoulos hair double Ryan Lochte is possibly going to appear on Dancing With The Stars, as reported by Bleacher Report.

You may know the idiot as a slow-speeched story fabricator, or as a gold medal toting champ, but we’re all wondering why this of all career choices. Sure, he may want the money after losing sponsors like Ralph Lauren related to the fake robbery story in Rio. I got that. But is he THAT desperate? Other famous athletes like Kristi Yamaguchi, Meryl Davis, and Shawn Johnson, and Misty May Treanor, but all of those were at or near retirement. Lochte may have another Olympic season or two under his belt so I don’t get it.

How good will he do anyway? If you want to know, athletes have won the show 8 of 22 times. 4 of those times have been from Olympians who compete heavily on their feet with choreography and quick movements., automatically giving them the edge. Others athletes like Monica Seles and Martina Navratilova have crashed out of the competition in the first week. There’s also the matter of injuries, which happen alot on the show. Does he want to possibly risk his swimming career by dancing on a show? Withdrawals have happened by both the pros and contestants and it’s a sad sight for all fans.

Who knows, only time will tell if he goes on the show. He won’t have my vote though.

-The Irishman