French Open 2016 Prediction’s: Women’s

french open

Like I promised, I’m giving you my predictions for the women’s French Open tournament. This year’s field is much more open for new players to take home the trophy since two-time champion Maria Sharapova is serving her suspension for getting caught using the “performance enhancer” meldonium. Let’s start now…

Serena Williams

Serena is the overwhelming favorite to win everything she enters so it came as a shock when she lost the Australian Open this year and even more so the US Open last year. Clay isn’t exactly her best surface but she still dominates her oponents with her serve and power hitting, something which is often less effective on clay courts. She’s won the French three times now and, despite turning 35 later this year and having to lose at some point, is still the expected winner if her game is on and doesn’t work too hard early on. Expected result: Winner

Angelique Kerber

It surprised everybody when she beat Serena in the Australian finals this year after losing in the 1st round in 2015 and being down match point in the 1st round this year, but her performance since then has been streaky. Kerber made it to the semis of the Miami Open but lost early on in three other major tournaments. Clay hasn’t been her best surface and her best results have been at the other three other grand slams, but with her improved ranking this season she’s likely to have an easier path to go far. Expected result: Semifinals

Simona Halep

Herself a former finalist at the French2 years ago, she’s had an iffy road since then. An established top 10 player now she often makes it far in every tournament but this year lost in the 1st round of the Australian Open and the 2nd round of the Qatar Open. Still, her playing style is good for the surface and she’ll likely go far. Expected result: Semifinals

Victoria Azarenka

Pretty much the only one who is ever expected to pull off a Serena upset, Azarenka is an exceptional player, a former world no. 1, and two time Australian Open winner. Since 2014 though she has been hampered by injuries of sorts and her ranking plummeted out of the top 40 at one point. Only this year has her form recovered greatly but you can never count out an injury popping up again. She’s great on all surfaces so woh knows how she’ll do. Expected result: Finals

Sloane Stephens

This one’s a huge longshot but I include her because her most consistent form has been at the French Open, making the 4th round every year since 2012. Stephens has won three titles this year and looks to be improving so I’m hoping she can go farther now. Expected Result: Quarterfinals

Petra Kvitova

Also another longshot as she’s most often considered a grass court specialist. A one time semifinalist and two winner of the Madrid Open, Kvitova is capable of doing well but her game isn’t typically that of a great clay courter. She beat Serena in the Madrid final last year so we know she can be even better than the best in some cases. Alas, I’m expecting an early upset of her. Expected result: 3rd Round

While I know there are plenty of other players I could mention, these are the big names I’m expecting to be the biggest deal this year. Good luck to all the players. If you haven’t seen my men’s predictions here’s the link:

-The Irishman

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