Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show

FINALLY!!! It’s something I’ve been begging for for years. As yet another big middle finger to the hypermasculinity of football, Lady Gaga is set to perform the halftime show in this season’s Super Bowl. You may remember she had already sung the national anthem at this past Super Bowl, but this is the real deal. It comes after two years of other such high profile events: her duets album with Tony Bennett, multiple awards show performances, the aforementioned national anthem, appearing in American Horror Story, and now this.

Gaga is another in a string of recent acts like Katy Perry and Beyonce, twice really for the latter, that you’d think no typical football fan likes. But they are all beloved by many and fitting for the show. There’s just so much she can do with this though. Will it be a medley of old tracks? Mostly stuff from the soon-to-be-released new album? Likely it’s going to be both. I mean you don’t go to a Britney Spears show in Vegas just to see everything from her cd Glory, right? No.

If you had to ask me, her best cd was by far The Fame Monster, the EP deluxe addition to her first album The Fame, so that’s the stuff I want to see. Though since it will more than likely be a complete medley, I say start out with an opening of Bad Romance, transition into Paparazzi or Poker Face, something from her next album Joanne, and end it with The Edge Of Glory or Applause. The great thing about Gaga used to be that you don’t know what to expect with her though. You can never forget the meat dress, her male alter ego Jo Calderone, or arriving on the red carpet in a giant egg. That stuff is classic her and nobody can ever match that level of randomness and artistry, aside from David Bowie of course. There’s been no details about the setlist or what will go on, so it’s all up in the air.

Regardless of what goes down, this will be the spectacle of 2017. There is nobody like Mother Monster. Long live the queen!

Week 1 NFL round up


Well folks the NFL is back which means it’s the best time of the year. If the 19 NFL Sunday’s aren’t 19 of your 20 favorite days of the year then you’re just a complete nerd IMO. Also, I enjoy college football but anybody who says that CFB is better than the NFL is a complete moron who should lose all your respect. In the NFL we at least have the decency to pay our players. #TeamNFL

PACKERS (1-0) 27 – Jaguars (0-1) 23



This was one of the best games of the afternoon, in the first half anyways. Lots of TD’s in the first half before the heat may have caught up the players out there. The Packers took a 21-17 lead into the half after striking for a TD with less then a minute left in the half and didn’t look back.

Brogy’s Takes:

PACKERS- Struggled on defense like they’ve been known to do with their secondary at times, this team clearly has a lot of work to do if they are going to live up to that 16-0 prediction that so many think they can achieve. Nice to see one of my favorite WW (white white wide receivers) Jordy Nelson back in action and scoring a touchdown.

JAGUARS- Very tough team and could play spoiler to a lot of good teams this year. Don’t know if they are quite good enough to pull away with AFC South this year but in a really shitty division, they should be in the middle of the race.

Bills (0-1) 7 – RAVENS (1-0) 13


Wow what a horrible and boring game. I really don’t want to talk much about two teams that I really hate so let’s get right to it.

Brogy’s take:

RAVENS- I mean I guess holding Tyrod Taylor to 111 yards and LeSean McCoy to just 58 yards is something to enjoy for a defensive hardo but not for me. Flacco looked decent in his return against a good Bills defense but they still only scored 13 points.

BILLS- Once a joke always a joke. This is not a playoff team. Good defense, not nearly enough weapons on offense.

Bears (0-1) 14 – TEXANS (1-0) 23


Gonna be totally honest, didn’t watch even one second of this game. In fact, every time this game would come on during Red Zone, I would make a conscious effort to not subject myself to watching this game. I don’t hate either team but they are both really boring and irrelevant.

Brogy’s take:

TEXANS- Like the Jaguars and Colts, they should be fighting for that AFC South title, or as I like to call it folks, the team who went 9-7 to sneak in the playoffs award. In all seriousness, I really do like Lamar Miller and DeAndre Hopkins, they are two of the most electric players in the league. Miller had 26 carries for 106 yards, making him the only running back in Week 1 to eclipse 100 yards. While Hopkins was having a tougher time only catching 5 passes for 54 yards and a TD, rookie WR Will Fuller had a 107 yard game with a score.

BEARS- Looks like the Bears are looking shitty yet again, even though the game was within reach late in the 4th quarter. Gotta feel bad for Alshon Jeffrey, the only legit player on this team.

Browns (0-1) 10 – EAGLES (1-0) 29


With what everyone thought was going to be the most boring and uninteresting game of the week, Carson Wentz and RGIII flipped the script in completely opposite ways. One on his way to becoming a possible city legend, and the other finding his way on the injury reserve yet again.

Brogy’s take:

EAGLES- As hinted to, Carson Wentz was a fucking beast and awesome to watch. He had 278 yards and 2 TD’s finishing with a 101 QBR. Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor looked like a really good combo for the young QB with Ertz looking like a binky for him. The defense also looked terrific giving up just over 300 yards of offense. KIM that they played the Browns and this came could be completely irrelevant to how the season will go for the Iggles.

BROWNS- RG3 back to the IR in game 1. Nothing else to say. Have literally nothing else to say about the Browns. Sad!

BUCCANEARS (1-0) 31  -Falcons (0-1) 24


The Buccaneers came out on Week 1 with minimal expectations for some (outside Jameis Winston) but proved that this young team is really growing into a potential playoff contender. This was a really interesting game to watch, with the Falcons taking the lead early lead 10-3 and the Bucs storming back to take the largest lead of the game which would be 31-13 before the Falcons made a run of it.

Brogy’s take:

BUCCANEARS- I really think that the Bucs can make a Wild Card run this year if Winston takes the step to that next level in his sophomore year. In Week 1, it certainly looked as if he was up for the challenge throwing for 281 yards and 4 TD’s. With a dynamic duo of Doug Martin and Mike Evans along side him and a really strong defense, the Bucs are going to make some noise.

FALCONS- I think Dan Quinn is officially on the hot seat at this point. After starting out unbelievably hot last year, the Falcons have been completely abysmal since. I don’t really see too much hope for this team outside of Julio Jones. Considering how pathetic their defense looks, that may be all she wrote for the Falcons after just one week. Hot take.

VIKINGS (1-0) 25 – Titans (0-1) 16


Gotta be honest, this was another game that I had absolutely ZERO interest to watch if I wasn’t betting it. Fun fact: Titans +2.5 was my lock of the week sadly. After the first half, it was looking great as Tennessee was out in front 10-0. The Viking then stuck their D (literally) right into Titans outscoring them 25-6 in the second half.

Brogy’s take:

VIKINGS- We are who they thought they were! Terrific defense but literally NOTHING on offense. I mean so fucking boring to watch. Even AP only had 31 yards in this one. Once Sam Bradford learns the offense, the Vikes have the potential to go 9-7 or 10-6 and sneak into the playoffs but god damn be more of a boring team, you can’t.

TITANS- I have literally nothing to say about the Titans. Write them off.

BENGALS (1-0) 23 – Jets (0-1) 22


In what was probably the best game of the afternoon, we were also probably getting a preview of the two wild card teams from the AFC. The big storyline was obviously AJ Green completely dominating the game and sipping mai tai’s on Revis Island all afternoon. A back and forth game all afternoon, a late field goal would eventually give the Bengals a nice week 1 victory.

Brogy’s take:

BENGALS- AJ Green, AJ Green, AJ Green. Guy was a fucking beast going for 12 catches on 13 targets, 180 yards and a score. If this is what he did to Revis, every other CB on the Bengals schedule has to be pissing themselves. In what was kind of a disappointing first 12 weeks for AJ Green, he has completely reasserted himself as one of the most dominant wide outs in the league. Size, speed, hands- Green is one of the funnest players to watch in the league. Bengals D is also very legit holding Decker and Marshall to 75 yards combined.

JETS- Very tough loss for J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets. This is one of the better teams in the AFC and they will bounce back though. Matt Forte looked like he is going to be a great acquisition for them, going for nearly 160 all purpose yards. Jets will recover.

RAIDERS (1-0) 35 – Saints (0-1) 34


This picture says it all folks. The Raiders scored late a TD late in the game making it a 34-33 game, it was so clutch- all they needed was an extra point to send it in to OT, or it appeared. But Big Balls Jack decided to go for the 2 point conversion- a successful conversion to Michael Crabtree which gave the Raiders an eventual 35-34 win. No surprise that this one was a shootout, both teams have terrific offenses, making it a real fun game.

Brogy’s take:

RAIDERS- In my opinion, the AFC West is completely wide open this season, and the Raiders want to take over. Even though the defending SB champs, Denver Broncos looked great in their opener against Carolina, I don’t think Denver will win the division this year. Completely dynamic offense with Carr and Cooper and Co. and a really nice defensive core.

SAINTS- If it was possible for them to look any worse on defense than they did last year, they achieved it- taking off right where they left off. However, don’t doubt my guy Drew Brees who just signed a new extension. He had 423 passing yards and 4 TD’s but it still didn’t get the job done. The saints really need to just redo the entire defense.

Chargers (0-1) 27 – CHIEFS (1-0) 33 / OT



Absolutely Sad! and pathetic meltdown from the Chargers in this one. After jumping out to a 21-3 lead at half, they somehow Whitney Gardens’d it away in overtime. It could have been the devastation of losing Keenan Allen for the year or it could be because they just sucked, but the Chiefs are sneakiest god damn team ever. I swear, they always win fucking games like this.

Brogy’s take:

CHIEFS- Honestly don’t know where I stand with Andy Reid’s boys, I think they’ll be competing for the AFC West but they looked absolutely HORRIBLE in the first half. Chiefs are the kind of team who don’t do anything great but don’t do anything bad. In other words, they’re good but very boring to watch.

CHARGERS- RIP in peace 2016 Chargers.

Dolphins (0-1) 10 – SEAHAWKS (1-0) 12


This game was all about defense, and if there’s one thing I hate talking about it’s defense.

Brogy’s take:

SEAHAWKS- Should be one of the heavy favorites in the NFC, but yesterday gave me some doubts. They played really poorly in week 1 against a very mediocre team at home. If it weren’t for a Kenny Stills dropped pass, the Hawks would be 0-1, but KIM they also started off horribly last year as well. The only bright spot in this one was Doug Baldwin who picked up where he left off going for 9/92/1 and Christine Michael also looked good rushing for 66 yards on 15 attempts.

DOLPHINS- Tannehill looked like classic Tannehill, shitty. With the athletic weapons around him like Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills and now Arian Foster, the Dolphins HAVE to be putting up more than 10 points even against the Hawks on the road. Another 7-9 season incoming for the Phins. Phins Up!

LIONS (1-0) 39 – Colts (0-1) 35


Terrific game of offense for B’s boys. The Lions looked great on at least one side of the ball yesterday led by Matt Stafford. He did so over the most overrated team in the NFL, the Colts. Stafford and Luck actually both played incredibly, making it probably the most interesting game of the afternoon. However, it’s tough to be too tightly invested in a game between two teams who have no shot of making it through Round 1 of the playoffs. However, a clutch drive late in the 4th by Matty Stafford gets my #respect.

Brogy’s take:

LIONS- Obviously it is going to be tough to take over Green Bay in the NFC North this year, but the Lions should have a legit playoff chance. Jim Bob Cooter is the man and has clearly improved their offense over the last year. Not having Calvin Johnson looks like it help make them more dynamic without having to run their entire offense through him and crying after every game he doesn’t have 15 targets.

COLTS- Fuck the Colts but man did Andrew Luck look impressive. Their defense is still shit and I don’t think their quite a complete enough team to run away with the AFC South as so many expect. It should be a nice little race between the Colts, Texans and Jags to see who can get eliminated first by the Bengals.

GIANTS (1-0) 20 – Cowboys (0-1) 19


Congrats to this guy on his first NFL victory! Literally love this guy. Seriously Ben McAdoo could be the most electric coach on the sidelines. He’s totally made me unhate the Giants. It was a great first win for Ben as it came down to the wire as the Cowboys were driving and eventually got down to the 40 yard line before time ran out. Big time fuck up by Cowboy’s WR Terrence Williams not getting out of bounds there.

Brogy’s take:

GIANTS- Sterling Shephard looks like he is going to be a really dangerous weapon lining up along side ODB and Victor Cruz this year. Eli is going to be slinging the ball at least 40 times a game this year and the Giants are going to win the NFC East in 2016. Solid defensive front four, experienced offense and an amazing coach.

COWBOYS- Have to feel bad for Dak Prescott losing his first NFL game on a blunder by Terrence Williams. Even though Dan Bailey probably misses what would have been around a 64 yard field goal, I would have at least liked to see him attempt it. If anything, that game showed the Cowboys are going to be legit this season even without Romo for a 6 weeks. Ezekiel Elliot wasn’t all too impressive gaining just 54 rushing yards on 20 attempts but he did break through for his first touchdown. Dez Bryant was nowhere to be found in this one which will need to change for the Cowboys if they plan on getting in the win column before Romo’s return.

PATRIOTS (1-0) 23 – Cardinals (0-1) 21


Very impressive showing from Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots in Game 1. In a game that they were 6.5 point underdogs, most everybody except Pats fans like myself were counting them out. From the first drive of the game, the Pats completely controlled the game except for the for 4 minutes in the 4th quarter where the Cardinals led 21-20. The Pats quickly stormed back for a field goal to take a 23-21 lead. The second best head coach Bruce Arians also wasted all his timeouts on the Pats game winning drive so his offense had no timeouts to work with in their 2 minute drill. Nice job. Eventually, Cardinals kicker Chandler Catanzaro would miss a 47 yard field goal with 45 seconds left that would have given the Cards the lead.

Brogy’s take:

PATRIOTS: No Brady, No Gronk, No problem for the Pats. Going against one of the best teams in the NFL in primetime, the Patriots showed hardly any signs of weakness and played really well throughout the entirety of the game. Going to be an extremely dangerous team when everyone returns for the Pats. New weapon Chris Hogan caught a touchdown and had 60 yards while the other new weapon Marty Bennett only had 14 yard on 3 receptions but did pick up a big first down on a 4th quarter drive. Super bowl champs.

CARDINALS- Can’t be TOO disappointed if your a Cards fan. Even though they were heavy favorites, they were still going up against the best team and best mind in the NFL. Overall, the Cards will be fine and should be a contender to make the Super Bowl this season. Shoutout to Larry Legend Fitzy for catching his 100th career touchdown as well. A sure fire hall of fame and a class act.


25 of the Best Gameday Signs

It’s College Football Season again which means another year of College Gameday on ESPN which means more hilarious signs. Here are 25 of the funniest Gameday signs from over the years.

Shake Weight jokes are always funny.

The only good thing about Oregon.


They have a point.

Classic Bama fan.

Anyone else miss Denard?

B definitely made this sign.


Fetty Wap Prediction.




Everyone loves Smalls.




The Big Ten Welcomes You.

Most likely being held by the Irishman.

Urban Crier.

Sparty On.



The truth hurts.


I hope not.

Young Love. Winston and his crab legs.

A sign I would most likely be holding up.

Kanye 2020.

Make America Great Again.


-The Rabbi

Flash Back Friday: Manti Te’o

This is definitely the most irrelevant post in Gardens Website history but I just had to do it. I came across this old mash up video of the Manti Te’o and Katie Couric interview. This is easily my favorite sports story of all time and one of my favorite YouTube videos.

Honestly can’t wait for the Manti Te’o 30 for 30 to be released in 25 years. It’s going to be the greatest 30 for 30 of all time. ESPN should almost release it in theatres only. Screw playing it on cable television.

This is such a chaotic story. The guy is a legend. I think my first conversation with the Irish Man was about Manti. No one knows what the hell actually happened. Did he actually get trolled on the Internet? Did he make it up? Is he gay?


Here’s my prediction. No doubt Manti is gay. He knew he was going to be a Heisman finalist, a first round pick, and he was attending a religious university. No way he could of came out of the closet.

Manti knew that he couldn’t go through school at Notre Dame without hooking up with a girl or having a girlfriend so what would you do if you were gay in his spot? You would have to make it up. Unfortunately for Manti he went a little overboard and the lie just got out of hand. I mean saying she died? Come on Manti.

The best part of Manti’s interview with Katie Couric was definitely when she asked him, “You’re the BMOC (Big Man On Campus), why wouldn’t you want a real girlfriend? That you can spend real time with. Are you gay?” How can you watch that and not crack up.

Manti’s response is classic, “Far from it. Far from it.” That is hands down one of the biggest lies of all time. It’s up there with Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.

Fake Girlfriend Gate will always be the GOAT sports story. Too bad we will have to wait 25 years to hear what actually happened. Bring back Te’oing.  Manti is so gay.

-The Rabbi


Don’t Drop the Soap, Johnny

Damn Johnny, back at it again doing something stupid. This guy is incredible. No one cares less about anything than Johnny Football.

Manziel is now getting indicted by a grand jury in Dallas County on a misdemeanor assault charge. Apparently Johnny Football had too much to drink like he does every single day and started beating the living day lights out of his ex girlfriend, Colleen Crowley.


J-Football smacked her so hard in the face that she lost hearing in one of her ears for over 24 hours.

Such a savage move. I lost even more respect for Manziel after this. Complete loser. As a New York Jets fan, I hope we don’t sign Johnny at any point.

Honestly, I wouldn’t wish that on my worse enemy (Miami Dolphins). No one deserves to have this alcoholic psycho on their favorite football team.

If I had a daughter I think I would rather have her date Ben Roethlisberger than Johnny Manziel. That is saying a lot. At least Roethlisberger has his life together, right?


The messed up thing about this situation is you know he thinks all of it is hilarious. He knows that nothing is going to happen to him. There is no way he regrets it.

The assault charge carries a maximum punishment of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. Here’s a little advice for you, Football. Lay off the alcohol from here on out and don’t drop the soap in the clink.

-The Rabbi

This is bullshit

Everyone knows I’m a Pats guy so I might shed a little bias here, but this is complete and utter bullshit. I literally haven’t met a single person with a brain who thinks that Tom Brady should be suspended. At this point, Goodell is suspending Brady not for anything that happened illegally, but just because he fucking wants to.

I mean this was found as a bullshit sting like 6 months ago, why the fuck are they still trying to ride this thing? Why would you not just realize that your little sting operation got fucked and just shut up about it?

I literally cannot figure this out. Science doesn’t lie, Brady is innocent.

#FreeBrady #FireGoodell