NFL Week 2 Roundup, Week 3 Predictions

Week 2 of the NFL season wrapped up with rookie quarterback Carson Wentz leading the Eagles to a 29-14 victory over the Chicago Bears. Wentz takes my weekend MVP as he looked calm, cool, and collective in his first road win of his young NFL career. Yes, his first two professional games have been against the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears, but Wentz has looked impressive. The second overall pick in this year’s NFL draft has completed 60% of his passes, thrown 3 touchdowns, no interceptions and has a quarterback rating of 93.8 in his first two games. Wentz looks like he is going to give the Eagles a chance to contend for the NFC East title. My worst NFL week 2 individual performance goes to the entire Jacksonville Jaguars team. As the saying goes, there is no I in team, so I have to give the Jaguars as a whole the worst performance of the weekend. In week 1, the Jags played the Green Bay Packers extremely well on both sides of the ball and were able to contend until the last play of the game where they were stopped on a 4th and 1 wide receiver screen. This weekend, the Jaguars were completely out of the game just minutes into the 3rd quarter trailing by 28 to a Chargers team that just lost their best wide receiver to injury. The Chargers turned the ball over 3 times on offense, missed a field goal, and gave up 38 points on defense. A team that had high hopes of contending for an AFC South title this season and  spent a ton of money building their defense in the offseason,  looks like the Jaguars of old.

My team of the week went to the Minnesota Vikings who defeated the Packers 17-14 in a defensive showdown. No Teddy Bridgewater? No Problem. Paging Sam Bradford. Did I see this right? Sam Bradford, former Philadelphia Eagle and St. Louis Ram outplaying Aaron Rodgers on Sunday night. Yes. Bradford went 22-31 with 286 yards and 2 touchdowns while connecting with Stefon Diggs 9 times for 182 yards and a touchdown. Bradford ran the offense efficiently and was able to take over the game through the air with Adrian Peterson struggling to get anything going on the ground. The Vikings played extremely well on the other side of the ball as well. They forced 3 fumbles and recovered a crucial fumble in the 4th quarter. Trae Waynes got beat all night in his match ups, but stepped up in the 4th quarter and intercepted an under thrown pass by Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams to put the game away. The Vikings defense has looked solid in each of their games this season and should continue to be a top 10 defense throughout the season barring any injuries.

Moving onto week 3, here are my picks:

Patriots 20 Texans 17  Cardinals 31 Bills 17  Raiders 22 Titans 20  Dolphins 24 Browns 17  Jaguars 24 Ravens 20  Packers 34 Lions 24  Broncos 17 Bengals 14 Panthers 28 Vikings 20 Giants 30 Redskins 27 Buccaneers 20 Rams 17  Seahawks 24 San Francisco 14 Chiefs 24 Jets 20  Colts 35 Chargers 31  Steelers 30 Eagles 20 Cowboys 24 Bears 17  Saints 40 Falcons 34

Week 3 MVP prediction:

Aaron Rodgers. I can’t see Rodgers having two bad games in a row at Lambeau Field this week against the Detroit Lions. Rodgers has struggled dating back to last year. In his last 14 games he has not had a passer rating above 100 and last year he had a passer rating of 92.7, which was lower than his first season as a starter in 2008. With Jordy Nelson getting his legs back underneath him and Randall Cobb 100% healthy, Rodgers is poised for a bounce back game this weekend.  I think Rodgers throws for 280 plus yards, 4 touchdowns, and no interceptions.




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