Trump And The Birtherism

Damn, Donald. Back at it again bringing up birtherism. Yes, it’s back in the news again, and differently so now. Trump has now gone back on his comments about accusing President Obama of being born outside the United States.

He announced this morning he was making a major announcement at the new Trump International hotel in D.C., so I pretty much brushed it off as another thinly veiled publicity stunt for his company that’s kind of necessary after the Trump Taj Mahal had closed this summer amidst a strike. This “major announcement” had been an unnecessary statement that he no longer believed Obama was a foreigner and instead blamed the birther idea on Hillary Clinton. Former NYC mayor and failed 2008 presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani had recently been interviewed about this by Chris Matthew and also blamed the birtherism on Hillary’s 2008 campaign when she ran against Obama but failed to provide any source to where she said it. Politifact has debunked this claim.


So why is Trump going back on it? Many reports lately have stated he dropped the claim he was so adamantly pushing 4 years ago when the President was running for a second term. All i see is him saving face with democrats and moderates since it was one of the most ludicrous claims by anybody ever, which he still pushed even after Obama showed his birth certificate. One may wonder if he’ll ever go back on his claims against Ted Cruz and his birther issue and right to run for president. (Cruz was in fact born in Canada but because his mother was American) Regardless, he is just trying to score cheap points and put more blame for everything on democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He’s got more things to worry about anyway. *cough cough TAX RETURNS*

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