iOS10: Gone Is The Gun Emoji & Other Changes


It’s that time of year again folks. Every fall around September, Apple releases a new, and inexplicably more expensive, iPhone and a new software update for owners of it and previous phones with compatible models. This is the 10th iteration of updates and so far, it’s had the usual complaints. Nobody is ever satisfied with anything. But the company always works out these kinks in subsequent mini updates often released as soon as the very next weekend.

The first one people started complaining about months before was the fact there would be no more gun emoji, with a water or toy gun replacing it.


People are mostly upset because they see it as Apple caving into pressure from anti-gun rights people. I myself am not a supporter of guns but see this as just stupid. It is an emoji, not a real one. The replacement looks stupid on par with when people said the updated icons in iOS 6 (or 7?) looked like fisher price toys. So sad.

T Mobile also came out right away and said those under their service who own the SE (a cheaper version of the 6S), 6, and 6S should not update their software yet because it caused their phone service to disconnect. Nobody knows why and Apple said they were working to resolve it.

One huge welcome update is the fact you can finally delete all those useless apps that come preloaded, like stocks, game center, tips, voice memos, and more. It’s been something we’ve wanted for years as they take up wasted space that many often need for other things like music and photos, especially on the smaller 16gb models.

I took a poll in the past day where 35% of people said they stuck with iOS 9 for now, while 55% had moved onto iOS 10. (10% had still been on iOS and before because of older models that can’t download either of the newer two updates.) We can only expect proportion to become more one-sided in the coming weeks as all the errors are worked out. There’s so many improvements despite what everyone says though and iPhones just keep getting better as the real gold standard of smartphones.

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