Top 5 Baseball Players To Eat Various Foods Off Of

Let’s be real people, baseball players are the “bangin’est” athletes out there. And there’s nothing better than them except food (and beer). So why not combine the two into on epic hot mess? Cuz that’s stuff I actually think about man. These are your top 5 foods to eat off various players.

#5 Geovany Soto & Pizza

Gotta represent my favorite team, even though he went to the Angels.

#4 Kris Bryant & Buttered Lobster

As much as I hate the Cubs, gotta give this man some credit.

#3 Dallas Keuchel & Cinnabon Delights

Because the sweet cream would get stuck on his beard.

#2 Mike Trout & Fiery Doritos Tacos

Sorry Mike, Subway isn’t cool. Deal with the Taco Bell.

#1 Bryce Harper & Baconators

The real reason I even made this list. It’s been a long running joke that i’d eat a baconator off him. I mean, I would. But…yeah.

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