49ers Bruce Miller arrested for punching old guy

This seemed like a very interesting story to follow and I personally needed some details before jumping to conclusion. Let me get this out of the way, why do old people get a pass for everything? I mean, some old people are complete assholes, like the worst. As a kid, if you were an asshole, you got spanked. As an adult, if your an asshole, you get punched. So old people just get away with being assholes?

Then I start reading the story after I tell myself this old guy probably deserved it.

Apparently Bruce decided he wanted to check into the Marriott at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fran on Sunday night but the hotel was full. For some reason he was pissed and decided to return to the hotel Monday morning.

He apparently picks a random room and knocks on the door. It doesn’t specify what time he knocked on the door but I’m really hoping it was around 4 or 5 am. The old guy answers the door and Miller was trying to tell him to get out. Obviously the old guy told him to fuck off and then got punched in the face.


After reading this, it was the most obvious thing I’ve ever read. Miller was just a steroid junkie who was clearly trying to get his rocks off with a prostitute.

Lets  put the theory to test.

Tries to check in to a hotel late at night= why not take a cab home?

Returns early in the morning= took the prostitute back to the bars til the early morn

Knock on the door= steroid junkie was getting real tired of the blue balls.

Checks out?



He got cut by the 49ers.

Author: Brogy

Normal guy.

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