Red Sox call up #1 ranked MLB prospect Yoan Moncada


The Red Sox have announced that they have called up Cuban infielder and the #1 ranked MLB prospect, Yoan Moncada from AA Portland. The Sox are hoping that Moncada has the same, seemingly easy transition from Double-A to the MLB that injured Andrew Benintendi had.

The Sox rank 28th in .OPS since June at 3rd base and are in desperate need of some offensive production. Moncada can do just that hitting .294/.407/.511 with 15 dongs and 62 RBI’s between A and AA in 2016.

Defensively could be more of a struggle for Moncada as he is an average defender at his natural position of second base, and has just recently switched to third base. According to manager John Farrell, Moncada sometimes struggles with balls hit right at him at third base? So like any fucking ball that gets hit to him I guess?

Anyways, one thing that we know Moncada will deliver is speed and electricity. Moncada has swiped 45 bags in the minors this year and in 2015 he swiped 49 while only being caught 3 times.

Even if Moncada struggles a little bit with the bat and glove, which he may at first, the Sox will more than likely keep him up for all of September because of his base running speed and ability, especially useful late in games.

Hopefully this is reminiscent of 2013 when the Sox brought up a 20 year old Xander Bogaerts who replaced Will Middlebrooks at 3rd base and would eventually play a big part of winning the World Series.

Viva Moncada!


That is a sexy man.

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