Apparently Billy Butler is a Weird Dude


One of the more underrated stories of the past week continues to entertain. Billy Butler and Danny Valencia brawling in the Oakland Athletics clubhouse. The motivation for the players is fantastic:

“A team manager told Valencia he could not wear his favorite cleats because they are an off-brand and not supported by the Oakland Athletics Baseball Club. To which Valencia responded, ‘I only wear them during BP.'”

Butler then lurked from the corner of the clubhouse, after eavesdropping, and screamed, “NO HE DOESN’T! HE WEARS THEM IN GAMES!!!!”

Country Breakfast is the moral police of the Athletics, holding all players accountable for what their favorite cleats are. Of course, Valencia grew angry at Butler for trying to get involved. Nobody likes that guy who intervenes for no reason, and that’s what Butler did.

Why would Butler ever care what cleats Valencia wears? Maybe he should focus on his sub-.200 BA instead. I love picturing Butler during a game just staring at Valencia, focusing on his off-brand cleats and shaking his head in anger.

Don’t you dare wear the wrong cleats in front of Country Breakfast.

In any case, Moneyball is dead. The A’s are dead. Bury them. And I’m not talking about this season, I am talking about for the next several seasons.

At least they gave us a pretty good movie.


P.S. Bennett Miller’s next movie is an adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Kinda disappointed but I dig him nonetheless.


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