From Fortune To Flounder: 2016’s Biggest Bust

chris sale

Oh how the good ol’ days are gone. Just forget my first post about my favorite team. Our season is over. The White Sox were second in all of baseball at 23-10 back in May (only trailing their crosstown rivals), but where are they now? A paltry 59-64. There have still been a few highlights in this dumpster fire of a season, but here are some of the worst moments this season so far, from a quick scan at least.

Chris Sale’s Antics

Everyone expected great things from this guy. He consistently ranks high in Cy Young Award voting, has made the All-Star team the last five years, and set a franchise record for strikeouts in a season last year. But while he started the season 9-0, it’s been the drama around him that’s caught more attention at times. Preseason when Adam Laroche quit after management said he couldn’t bring his son into the clubhouse anymore, Sale was one of the ones most pissed off. Months later, you probably heard about when he sliced up the throwback jersey and got suspended. Let’s just hope the presumed face of the franchise can keep it together here on out.

The Quintana Who Cried Run Support

Oh Jose, you’re too good for us. Often called the most underrated pitcher in the game, he just cant seem to get the offense going behind him. Mind you, this is also the first season he could even get to 10 wins. Somehow though the bats still always stay quiet when he’s on the mound and it’s hard to watch him either lose or get a no-decision when his stuff is that good.


Not even explaining this one. Ask any Sox fan. We hate him.

Abreu Baby

Kinda going back to the point made with Quintana, Jose has been in his own offensive slump. He went 32 games without hitting a homer, after hitting 30+ in each of his first two seasons. Nobody knows what went wrong. But he’s back at it now. Every player has those off years anyway.


That’s really just the big four glaring parts to me, because i can’t even begin to complain about the bullpen and injuries. But hey, we’ve at least gotten a few triple plays, that counts for something, right? No? Ok.

Just leave me to my sorrow now. There’s always next year.

-The Irishman

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