Summer 2016 Top 10 Moments


#10- The Cubs Are Still Annoying.

The Cubs might be in first place right now but no chance they win it all. This team is cursed and quite frankly I love it. The boys at Gardens Website are officially starting an internet sensation.. #AnyoneButTheCubs… Merchandise will be coming soon. It’s times like these where baseball fans have to come together as one and root against the Cubs. Together we will Make Baseball Great Again by witnessing another Chicago Cubs collapse.


#9-Selena Gomez Roasts Justin Bieber


I only put this story on the list because I know Madhatta and the Irishman would be pissed if I didn’t. I’m #TeamSelena all the way in this feud. She could do so much better.


#8- Brady Accepts NFL’s Suspension

Roger Goodell finally did what he’s been wanting to do for the past two years. Suspend Tom Brady. Congrats Roger you finally did it. You might have won this battle but the Patriots will win the war. #FireGoodell


#7- Chad Johnson Emerges on the Bachelorette

I have always dabbled in the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I haven’t been a huge fan but I’ll watch an episode here and there for the entertainment but this year there was a new contestant that was unreal. Chad Johnson might not only be the biggest bad guy in Bachelorette history but maybe in the history of television. My all time favorite quote from the Chadelor was, “If I can’t workout I’m going to murder somebody.”


#6- The World Finally Realizes How Much We Will Miss Harambe

RIP in Peace to the greatest American resource. We will all miss Harambe. Why did Hillary Clinton have to do this to us?


#5- NBA Free Agency

KD is the GOAT. Respect the move. When you’ve had to put up with the same BS from Russell Westbrook and your front office for 9 years, you deserve to go play for a real organization. RIP OKC.

Also the second shocking move of the offseason was D-Wade taking his talents to Chicago. Still questioning why D-Wade would do this. Definitely going to get traded to Cleveland sometime during the season.

Last free agency move that I will talk about is the Detroit Pistons signing Boban Marjanovic. Funniest looking dude in the NBA so glad he’s in Detroit. He’s going to do big things on and off the court. I mean Skip Bayless loves him. The Bad Boys are back.


#4- Donald Trump Saying “Titties” in one of his speeches


This is one of the main reasons I’m Trump guy. Love when he does stuff like this. No doubt he said this on purpose but it’s okay because he’s the Donald. #BuildThatWall

#3- Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte is pretty awesome. Just all around typical jock, straight out of University of Florida. Go Gators. This is one of my favorite sports stories of all time. “I put my hands up and was like whatever.” Legendary lie by Lochte. He will always be remembered for that and JEAH!

#2- Tim Tebow decision to play baseball

As much as the #1 story on this list surprised me, this definitely surprised me the most. Tim Tebow who should have retired years ago from football just finally put up his helmet to pursue a career in professional baseball. Unreal. I wish Timmy the best but don’t see him hitting over .050 in single A. Absolute chaos that people say he has the same swing as Mark McGwire.


#1- Draymond Green’s Big Pic

Just rattling. No one expected this to happen. I remember logging onto to Twitter and saw that Draymond Green was trending. I clicked on it and will forever be scarred. Love the controversy that Draymond causes. Keep being yourself bro.



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