Bold Rap Video Released by Liberty University

When I saw this video shared on my Facebook news feed it felt like time froze and I was in this undescribable place. A feeling of fear and joy took over my body. Fear because I could not believe how cheesy the video I was watching was. Joy because now I can throw that in the face of all the Liberty alumni’s that I know that claim the school is the best in the country.

My favorite line in the video was, “We go hard. We ain’t soft. Just because we Christian don’t mean we won’t take your head off.”

I did some research on Humble Tip and apparently he is an actual somewhat well known Christian rapper. Crazy that Liberty hired this guy to write a rap about their school. I wonder how much the check they wrote him was?

Overall very disappointed in Humble Tip, he made Christian rap look even worse. I lost almost all my respect for Liberty University after watching this video. I say almost because of their President, Jerry Falwell. Love the move to endorse Donald Trump for President.

This is Liberty. Home of the Flame(rs).

Donald Trump Delivers Convocation At Liberty University

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