How Do You Appeal A Doping Ban Like Maria?


Oh Sharapova, just let it go. Recently the 29 year old 5-time grand slam winner appealed her two year ban due to failing a drug test for the then-newly banned meldonium. The status of her ban was actually in question until recently it was confirmed she couldn’t come back for two years. She hopes she can overturn it before the Rio games, but otherwise I don’t really see her coming back when it ends. Initially I thought Maria would be retiring when earlier this year it was mentioned she was holding a career changing press conference, but it was revealed otherwise.

You really have to look at this two ways. She got away with this for so long at such a high level when meldonium was legal, but why do we really care when she wasn’t even THE best? She first won Wimbledon in 2004, and most recently won the French Open in 2014. Her claim was she first used the substance in 2006 for health issues, and doesn’t see why a ban is necessary when you could assume she still needs it for those issues, but because the substance was banned at the beginning of the year she can’t play anymore. Alot of this doesn’t make sense, and it goes beyond tennis. Players in any sport may need a medicine that’s on their sport’s list of outlawed drugs, but unless they go through paperwork and rigorous tests, things go way wrong in a hurry.

Things need to change here because you don’t know the full details of it and if she still needed that medicine so maybe a two year ban wasn’t the most appropriate course of action.

-The Irishman

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