Just Keep Swimming…Jk You’re Screwed

brock turner

College rapist and renowned scumbag Brock Turner has been banned by USA Swimming, and I couldn’t be happier.

Recently the little punk-ass piece of shit made headlines for not only why his sentencing was as long as expected, but also for the media using his regular photos in headlines instead of his mugshot like other criminals. The judge in his case only sentenced him to six months of jail and three years of probation, leading most people to believe it was racially motivated when someone who’s a minority would likely be in jail for years. No matter what your race is, if you take advantage of someone like that, you deserve to rot in a cell. The fact the media was constantly using regular pictures of him in reports about this case and not the mugshot really irked me too because you see all the time if a black person is going to jail, their senior photos and such aren’t the ones shown on tv, it’s their mugshot.

The matter that most recently made headlines is again him being banned by USA Swimming, the actual organization you are in if you compete in the Olympics. His stupid sister complained that because of one alcohol induced decision, Brock’s whole life was ruined. Well tough nubs girl, your brother is stupid and should pay for his actions. Drunkenness isn’t an excuse for raping someone. The idiot himself is appealing his conviction when he gets out of jail and previously claimed he was using alcohol to cope with the stress of school. Bull fucking shit you idiot. Gtfo and stay in prison where you belong.

-The Irishman


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