Why the Red Sox should trade for asshole, Yordano Ventura

By now, I’m sure every baseball fan has seen the brawl in which Royals starter Yordano Ventura got rocked by O’s star Manny Machado.

The brawl was ensued by Ventura throwing inside on Machado on 3 consecutive pitches before finally plunking him in the back with a 99 mph heater.


One thing that got pointed out right away was the fact that Royal’s catcher, Salvador Perez, made absolute no effort to stop Machado. Reason being, this is isn’t the first issue Ventura has put the team in. Previously, getting in alterations with Adam Eaton, Brett Lawrie and Mike Trout.

It’s now publicly open (thanks to Jeff Passan of Yahoo!) that the Royals are looking to actively shop Ventura.

Now it’s a unique situation for Ventura because: 1) he’s owed a lot of money 2) he’s sucked this year and 3) he’s a fucking asshole. Having said that, I really hope my Red Sox make a trade for him.

It always seems that when a player is being actively shopped for underperforming AND clubhouse issues, ala Matt Harvey, people think that means you can “buy low”for them. Which is not true. It’s still going to take a pretty good major league player and taking the contract on for Ventura, which makes it a high risk trade.

So why would I want him on the Red Sox? Let’s look at one simple fact, we need another fucking starting pitcher. The Red Sox 342 runs and.290 team average far outnumber any other team the league while their 4.32 stands 20th in the league and their starting pitcher ERA stands at an abysmal 4.66.

It seems as if it right now, the Sox have figured out a solid 4 man piece with Price-Rodriguez-Porcello-Wright but desperately need a 5th starter to give them quality innings. By the way, the Sox 4.66 starter ERA comes from the mostly large booster from their rotating 5th starter spot which has seen Buchholz, Joe Kelly, Henry Owens and Sean O’Sullivan which has produced a  4-5 record and a #nice 6.94 ERA. They’ve pitched 94 innings total in 21 starts which averages out to 4 1/3 innings per start.

Okay, you get it.

The concern about going out and getting Ventura is figuring out why he’s struggling this season. Ventura sits with a 5.32 ERA in 12 starts, while reaching the 7th inning just twice in two of those starts. He’s given up 39 runs in 66 innings with a horrendous WHIP of 1.53. The most concerning number is the fact his K/9 is way down this year at just 6.00.

The reason I’m optimistic this guy will bounce back is because his stuff is still there. He’s still throwing between 95 and 98 with a nasty slider and workabl change up. He’s still only 25 and going through a lot of extracurricular bullshit, that yes he shouldn’t be involved in but is.

If you look at his career numbers, (3.87 ERA, 7.79 K/9 and .54 win %) it’s worth the risk to trade for somebody who can be a #2 for you for a long time. He’s signed through 2019 and is owed nearly 100 million. However, with his potential being an ace, he would be a lot cheaper than what it would cost to go out and sign a #1/#2.

The biggest names for starting pitchers in who will be unrestricted FA’s starting in 2017 include Doug Fister, CJ Wilson, Ivan Nova, Andrew Cashner and a bunch of other disgusting shit. In 2018, you can load up with money again with the potential of Fernandez, Keuchel, Harvey and Wainwright coming up.

It won’t be easy giving up a bat like Travis Shaw AND taking on the money but it may be the best option to make an immediate impact and possible fix on the starting rotation for 2016.

Let’s go


Author: Brogy

Normal guy.

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