2016 Billboard Music Awards: Hit or Miss?

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) premiered on Sunday, May 22nd. I am not a huge fan of award shows due to the fake smiles stars put on, dumb promos forced throughout the three hour event, and untalented artists who end up winning the award. I decided to do a hit or miss for some of the top talked about things at the show.

Hit #1: Twenty One Pilots win Billboard Music Awards for Best Rock Album and Group. They are personally my favorite band and for a group who has just now came into mainstream music, after many years and hard work, this brings a smile to a long time fan’s blurryFACE.


Miss #1: Meek Mill wins best Rap album over Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy winning album, To Pimp A Butterfly and Drake’s two albums that he put out last year. Though many believe Kendrick should have had the honors, I believe Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too late was the best rap album of the year. I know one thing for sure the OVO boys are probably cooking up some more music to prove who is truly the best.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.51.00 PM.png

Hit #2 Finally an artist who deserved to win, won. Weeknd has shown and proved to everyone what it takes to be a talented artist that is worthy of an award at a show. He took home 8 out of 19 nominated awards last night, the most from any male artist at a BBMA show. The trophies included Top Hot 100 artist and top radio songs.


Miss #2: Prince Tribute. I understand that Stevie Wonder and Madonna are two of the oldest, but greatest artist of our generation and that is a huge reason they were chosen to do a cover, but I just expected a little bit more. It was not terrible. But vocally I believe it could have been done just a little bit better and more creatively. It has mixed reviews though. I just expected more for a artist who has changed the music scene for everyone.


Hit #3: Rihanna’s performance of Love on the Brain & Kesha’s cover of Bob Dylan’s It Ain’t Me Babe. For Rihanna it was a nice change not to hear her song Work for a change. Love on the Brain was a standout song on her newest album ANTI that shows off her incredible vocal range. Kesha has been in quite the legal battle with accused Rapist and producer Dr. Luke. After finally granting her the ability to perform she sang her heart out.


Miss #3: Not a huge Country fan, but Sam Hunt’s Take Your Time should have won best Country song over any of the other ones (Winner: Die A Happy Man; Thomas Rhett). Hunt is the coolest Hipster redneck singer out; give him an award for me actually tolerating a country song.

Hit #4: We will end on a hit. My dude Justin Bieber kept everyone “Company” with his performance. He also accepted best male artist. Rightfully so in my opinion. His last album Purpose is non stop on the radio and has gone platinum a bunch of times, his concerts/ performances have sold out because of the amazing sets and choreography, and he is just doing everything right to get everyone’s approval even though he sometimes doesn’t want it. He posted a lengthy caption on a picture on instagram explaining why he hates awards shows. Me too Justin, me too.







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