Sunday Funday: 12 Years of Numa Numa

It’ll have been twelve long years this December since this came out. Twelve. Long. Years. Time flies. I remember being in a summer computer class in ’05 most likely when I first saw it and it really was my first foray into the glory of Youtube.

If you haven’t seen it or are too lazy to, it’s just a guy named Gary Brolsma lip syncing to the song Dragostea Din Tei by Moldovan pop group O-Zone, which begs the question how did a teenager in America even discover this song? It’s not in English, although a version in English was later released, and the song was mainly popular in Mainland Europe and Asia. Whatever the circumstances were, this video is truly an internet masterpiece that had us all dancing in our seats on a webcam too. Rock on!!!

-The Irishman

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