It’s the NFL’s World and We’re All Just Living In It


So there I sat on the couch during a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I decided to watch some TV and glanced through my favorite channels (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPN’s SEC Network, WatchESPN, and TCM) and didn’t find much to watch. I decided to pass on soccer and women’s softball. So I turned to the NFL Network and what I found was glorious.

Little did I know the NFL Network airs RedZone replays each week. Today is Week 10, and I watched for three hours. Amazing experience. Can’t wait for Week 11. New tradition activated.

Best game of the day was Patriots at Giants. Great, great game. Nantz on the call. Hochuli on the flags. Peter Jerome Amirata Snapchatting from the stands. Classic.

Meanwhile the Broncos were getting smoked by the Chiefs. The AFC is New England’s to lose. Very weak competition. Sad!

Teddy Bridgwater looked tough vs Oakland. Watch out for the Vikings. I see them a field goal away from beating Seattle in the playoffs. We’ll see.

-B the Eagle

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