Get Drunk AND Save The Earth

beer rings

Beer…we all love it. Now the environment and all its critters will too

A Florida brewing company is developing a biodegradable and edible replacement for the plastic ring wrap that is often thrown away carelessly in the wild and lands in the ocean, suffocating turtles and others or tangling them up. (Yes, a Florida company did this. The state best known for Walmart white trash.) Coincidentally the company doing this is named Saltwater Brewery. The new wrap is supposedly made of wheat and barley leftover from the beer making process, effectively cutting out a lot of waste.

You’d have to expect hipster animal lovers would be all for this, sipping their craft brew and smoking a fat j on the San Fran beaches. I just don’t see why other major companies aren’t doing this. In due time my friends. Save the earth one step at a time.

-The Irishman

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