And Another One…

chris sale

Chris Sale is still the winningest pitcher in baseball and yet to be defeated, winning all 9 of his starts after last night. The guy is simply untouchable.

What’s more surprising is how much the defense has helped him out because while his pitching has improved overall, he finally has great guys out in the field to keep the run count down and more often run support too. His ERA stands at 1.58, the second lowest in the AL after teammate Jose Quintana at 1.54, and run support teamwide already at 12th in the whole league when compared to being 28th last year.

So when will the guy falter? Well he did start the season with a 3.86 ERA even when the fielding was great but it’s to be expected some need the warmup games to get into the groove. Otherwise, I have no idea and don’t even want to think about. The guy has made history as the first on the Sox to go 9-0 since 1919. So I’m just trying to enjoy what the guy’s putting out while I can. And that’s the beauty of this sport.

-The Irishman


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