Turbulent tyrant mother targets Target over Transgender Bathroom Policy

Target has received a lot of backlash over their new policy of transgenders using whatever bathroom they please & let’s be honest, most of it is from females and conservative- Christian families. Below is a clip of a mother and family marching around a Target with a bible shouting how Target is perverted.

I completely understand why someone without an open-mind may have these negative thoughts, but lets be 100% honest again, I guarantee that transgenders (boys & girls) have been using the bathroom of their choice for a long time; it did not just randomly start happening. Many girls are concerned over possible “transgendered men” trying to come into a bathroom to see them, but a few things strike me as being odd with this comment. Though it is a sick world we live in, most times when men make the transformation to their desired sex of a female, it is because they feel like a woman inside. Why would a man, turned woman, make such an effort just to go to the restroom to see a woman taking a shit or taking a piss. It would take a really horny dude, who doesn’t mind getting caught (easily) in a public bathroom with 20 cameras outside in the halls to pull a stunt off like that. Check out the picture below; all those black things on the ceiling are cameras… It gives me anxiety just looking at this picture. Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.50.20 PM.png

I don’t quite know why men aren’t more pissed about the whole situation to be completely honest. Maybe virgins are the only ones that uses the store’s bathroom and don’t mind being preyed on by females in a bathroom, but seriously they are even more prone to someone of the opposite sex seeing and grabbing their wiener while they pee. But again who the hell cares. Maybe women are most upset that these men who transform into beautiful women are pissed they don’t look that good. In just a few years your wife or boyfriend are going to be living together and taking nasty Chipotle craps with the door open.


I could keep going on forever about this issue but I will wrap it up. Though I am a moderate politically, I do believe in equal rights for women and the LGBT community. That being said, I believe women have the right not to use the bathroom & transgenders have the right to. I am curious to see the percentage of the total number of people who walk into a Target compared with those whom who actually use the restroom as well. I am not a fan of public bathrooms myself to begin with. Who likes hearing a fart, dump, and splash in the next stall over. No one. Who likes standing less than a foot away from another man while he has ding dong out. No one. Just like every other issue that causes controversy. If something bothers you, don’t do it. Don’t take someone else’s right away from them & certainly don’t bring the bible into the situation if you are only going to say negative, terrible comments, when we are called to love others. You certainly don’t have to accept any decision that people make, but you do need to grow a pair and worry about your own views. When girls/ guys start getting raped, that is when it should be stopped.


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