Shocking News: International Flying is Unsafe. 66 Die in Crash

So this flight from Paris to Egypt got “lost” at 37,000 feet? I thought this was only shit that was going on over in Indonesia. Big problem here but not shocking. Only reaffirms my belief that right now, you just CAN’T be flying Internationally. Way too risky. I used to be a big international traveling guy, but there’s no point in taking the risk anymore. Can’t have planes literally just disappearing, you can’t.

Oh and then here comes a big surprise:

TerrorismĀ in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea?!?! Who the fuck does Egypt think they are anyways? Like, they know that they’re just some random ass country that made Jews build pyramids like 5,000 years ago and nothing more. Stop trying to become relevant when 95% of your country has to live next to a river just to survive.

I actually didn’t mind Egypt until now. They’re blacklisted now. Fuck you Egypt.

Let’s take a live look at Mac from It’s Always Sunny who’s going to break down the safe places to travel to in 2016:



Author: Brogy

Normal guy.

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