New Fleet Foxes Album to be Released in 2017


The third album for the folk group will be released in 2017, according to frontman Robin Pecknold on his Instagram page. Over the past two days, Pecknold has hosted two “Q&A” sessions on his posts, one of which featured a clip from the new album (it has since been deleted). The other post is still shown.

Fleet Foxes have not produced any new music since 2011’s Helplessness Blues. Pecknold stated the new album will sound different than that acclaimed album, and also their debut self-titled piece.

Pecknold officially announced the band’s new drummer is Neal Morgan, who replaces J. Tillman. Tillman left the band after Helplessness Blues in order to pursue his Father John Misty moniker. Neal Morgan has worked with Pecknold and other Fleet Foxes members in the past, particularly on Pecknold’s solo work while on tour with Joanna Newsom.

Fleet Foxes went on hiatus in 2011 after Pecknold enrolled at Columbia University. He stated yesterday that his plan is now to record the new album, tour with the Foxes, and then return to take more classes.

Pecknold said three hours of new Fleet Foxes music has been created, and it obviously will be narrowed down and perfected for the highly anticipated return.


(technically this is now incorrect as the group is based in New York City)

-B the Eagle

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