Why Hillary Needs To Let Bernie Be The Nominee

bernie hillary

Who would have thought the Democratic race was going to last so much longer than the Republican one? They started with only 5 running, which quickly shrunk to only these two pictured above after the Iowa primary. And still they’re locked in a battle for the nomination, but alas Hillary has nearly clinched the nomination large in part due to the democrat-only superdelegates. Despite this, she will face a tough road ahead when dueling Donald Trump *gags* for the election and these are the reasons she needs to think about what’s best for the party and let Bernie go on.

1-General Election Polls

As of today Donald Trump is narrowing the deficit he faces when compared to Hillary in general election polling. While if it were to go the other way, Senator Sanders still leads him 13 points as of May 9th according to InsideGov.

2-Independent Voters

This is something where Bernie and Trump both excel in, the ones calling for a “political revolution” and “outsider”. While Bernie has actually been in politics for a very long time, his lack of being in the public eye like the former first lady turned secretary of state is seen as being outsider enough for his supporters. Independents see her ties to Washington as corrupt like many others in Congress and say they just won’t vote for her if she’s the nominee.


No, I’m not talking about the tv drama. I’m talking about Benghazi, standing by her husband while he cheated on her, the Wall Street speeches and connections to it, rigging various primaries, the recent allegations at the Nevada convention, amongst many other things. Alot of this has turned off potential voters and once again the independents especially. Her refusal to release the emails has been of the biggest complaint by republicans and Sanders alike.

4-Bernie’s Supporters

Many of his supporters have said they will not vote for Clinton if she’s the nominee and instead vote for Trump. That cuts out a large portion of potential democratic voters, which to me is a very immature thing to do just because your “fav” didn’t “win”. But i can’t change people. Bernie himself has said he will support her if she becomes the nominee and called for his fans to do the same.

5-Flip-flopping On Stances

This is something she seems to have a poor record on according to most who aren’t voting for her. She’s been accused of just saying what people want to hear just to get their vote and not being genuine, unlike Senator Sanders who has consistently stayed true to what he’s believed in.

6-Bernie Can “Sling” Them Repubs

His more relaxed stance on gun control is I believe the main reason he has a chance of taking some republican voters. Namely he said in one democratic debate he doesn’t believe gun manufacturers shouldn’t be held responsible for the mass shootings we’ve had in the past few years, while Hillary has said they should be held liable.


You’ve probably seen it on twitter. It’s gained alot of traction like how the #NeverTrump trend has too. It takes alot of haters for that to happen but she just turns people off. Which brings me to my final point…

8-Disapproval Ratings

Her disapproval rating is at a staggering 37%, only bested by Trump’s 53% disapproval rating. Somehow the two most hated candidates have both essentially gotten their party’s nomination. I don’t know anymore man.

I tell you this as a registered democrat. Yes, I will still vote Hillary when she clinches the nomination. I won’t be entirely happy about it though.

-The Irishman

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