“Hey, I shot a kid. Want the gun?”

george zimmerman

The scumbag strikes again. Notorious murderer George Zimmerman is back in the news after recently trying to sell the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin. Don’t really feel like going into much on the whole trial again because we all remember that horror. He said the gun “…was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin” and this is “your opportunity to own a piece of American history.” Yeah there’s a lot of problems with this.

How did he even get the gun back? Who would even allow a MURDER WEAPON to be sold or even returned to its owner? (he was technically acquitted of murder but had essentially confessed to killing Trayvon, albeit in defense) Why are we still keeping this guy in the news? It’s pretty aggravating.

Luckily, one site he posted this auction on, gunbroker.com, had taken it down. So I guess there is some justice that even some gun owners don’t want to be associated with this awful person.

But i want to lighten the mood a tad and provide you with this, while also keeping it on topic. Fuck you GZimms!!!! (skip to 1:55)


-The Irishman

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