Ding Dong, The Bitch Is Gone

azealia banks

(Update: She made a new account, a sad attempt at saving her shit career. Bitch needs to foh.)

Once again, Azealia Banks has been suspended on twitter. I’m more than glad she’s gone again because the shit she’s been saying is unreal.

You’d think a rapper would want to talk about their music, right? Nah. In recent times she’s reverted to what rappers did back in the day and that’s feud with everyone. As of late, she’s really only been known for her twitter outburts, along the lines of Tila Tequila. (Note: Ms. Banks has still never charted a single on the Hot 100)

This week came another couple fights. She had accused Zayn Malik, formerly of 1D, of stealing her music and went off on a racial tirade of sorts.azealia banks 2

Pretty messed up right. And right after, this happened.azealia banks 3

Azealia Banks is a 24 year old arguing with a 14 year old. And it got a tad worse than the one tweet you see.

Seriously when you’re more known for your “antics” than what your career is built on, you need to check yourself and tone it down. So thank you twitter for taking her down once again.

-The Irishman

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