Completely Chaotic Move: Taylor Swift Wins FIRST EVER Taylor Swift Award


Honestly, when I first read this I had to make sure this did not come from a parody account, but it is in fact the truth. At the 2016 BMI Pop Awards, held in California on Tuesday the 10th, the COUNTRY turned Pop Star received an award that has been named in her honor. Many things are wrong with this, but I will keep it short and say I frankly don’t believe she deserves any award in general & it was a completely chaotic move to give Taylor Swift a POP award called the Taylor Swift Award when she has only been in the music industry making POP music for three to four years, since her 2009’s Fearless was predominately country. Above is a picture of the singer kissing her award.


The award was given for her “artistic talent and influence”. No jokes are needed for this post folks. Praying going forward someone other than Taylor Swift is able to win this award. Not quite sure is up with her new looks lately, but as long as she’s happy.


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