Bryce Harper: Hardo or Hero?

Lots of talk after tonight’s game between the Detroit Tigers and Washington Harpers as Bryce dropped the old “Fuck You” bomb on home plate umpire Brian Knight after Washington’s 5-4 walk off victory.

The Backstory: In a tie ball game in the 9th, Nats SS Danny Espinosa got wrung up on a questionable call (ball was in the strike zone) and Harper started chirping Knight. The next batter, Clint Robinson popped a walk off dingleberry to right and then you see the explosion by Harper at home plate.

The Conclusion: Unfortunately in today’s culture we throw out the word “Hardo” way too much. By definition, a ‘hardo’ is somebody who thinks they are tougher and harder than they actually are. In this situation, Harper was absolutely right to chirp the umps ear off. There’s nothing worse than when an umpire takes over the game himself. We saw it with Ron Kulpa on Friday night and we saw it again with Knight today, THAT’S a hardo move. If it was legal, I would love to see players club an ump in the fucking temple when they get out of line. So Bryce, tonight and maybe only tonight- you are a hero and not a hardo.




Author: Brogy

Normal guy.

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