Top 5 hot dogs

Read it and weep, I’m right you’re wrong.

Blogging on an injured finger #noexcuses

#5 Pretzel Dog


Vastly underrated in the dog world. One of the greatest combos is the pretzel dog dipped in a cheese dip. Love the salt, love the pretzel, love the cheese, love the dog.

#4 Chicago Dog


Either love ’em or hate ’em and I’m a big fan. Look, I’m as big of a hot dog as you’ll find but all the losers who says dogs should only be traditional need to cut it out. Having said that, you’re a savage and kind of a  weirdo if you order this anywhere outside of Chicago. But when you’re in Chicago, load up. I go with 15-20 per Chi-Town trip.

#3 Corn Dog


Love it, nothing better than one of these guys at a carnival or some kind of out door poor man’s venue. Big problem with the CD is that there’s really no condiment/dip it goes with but the fried taste alone puts it in the Big 3.

#2 Traditional Dog


Completely unrivaled in the cook out game. A nice summer afternoon and dogs on the grill. Ketchup, mustard maybe even some relish. No reason not to scarf down at least 5 or 6 of these guys while crushing Bud Lights during Memorial Day/ 4th of July.

#1 Coney Island Dog


american coney.jpeg

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, these dogs can go toe to toe with any food out there. The sauce, onions and mustard combo is as good as it gets. Sadly in the South Florida area there are literally no places to get these dogs and it’s absolutely infuriating.

PS the move with these is always ordering 3 and then ordering 2 more.

PPS have to wash it down with a cream soda


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