Re(Views) from The Gardens: Drake’s Newest Album

Every song from Drake’s 4th studio album, Views, broken down.

VIEWS (from the 6ix) is Drake’s 4th studio album. The title comes from the city that he is from, Toronto (416). According to producer and best friend Noah Shebib (40), they have been swapping time in California and his hometown to make the 20 track record. On Thursday April 28th, the album premiered on Beats 1 OVORadio. With enough songs for two albums, wheelchair Jimmy and a couple of friends have supplied the world with new music to last us fans all summer and provide new material for his newly announced, “Summer Sixteen Tour” with Future.  No need to bore you guys here is an overview of the songs. All the way down I will have possible places to get the album.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Keep The Family Close: The whole project is about the development of Drake (no one else), according to his Beats interview. In this 5 minute, slow paced track, he distinguishes between his friends, family, enemies, etc. No matter what happens with his friends, and where they go, family will always be there.

2. 9: “And  I turned the 6 upside down, it’s a 9 now, I made a decision I would die for it.” Drake raps about his city & devotion to the city where he’s from. He loves his city, PERIOD.  When the beat drop at the beginning, it makes you take a step back. As he nears towards the second half of the song he switches up a melody/ singing flow. All around great song. Drake got his city’s number tatted on him for life. It’s either a 9 or 6 depending on the way you look at it.


3.U With Me?: Shout out DMX! Drake refers to his pool parties like Mardi Gras. And there is no question if you have seen his parties. Another slower jam just straight flowing over a Kanye & 40 produced beat. Again, Drake switches to singing and melodies. Theres a line where he says “three dots (…) you thinking of a reaction still”… We all been there when your girl or dude are playing games and trying to come up with excuses. (LOOK AT THIS PLACE THOUGH).


5.Hype: Hype speaks on all of his accomplishments. If you look back, it is no wonder why the 29 year old is so successful. He says, “Chasing women a distraction, they want to be on TV right next to me. You cannot be right next to me. Don’t you see Riri next to me?” He discusses how chasing after a girl he likes is a lot of work and a distraction to making music and living life, but I mean by the amount of songs about this girl, he doesn’t really care.

6. Weston Road Flows: This track is a throw back to where Drake grew up in Toronto. The area is not known for having much money, but they got Drake now & he won’t ever let his city down as long as he can help it. Drake raps, “I got a price on my head but there’s a risk to collect it.” No one can stop Drake. Not even you Meek. Drake-step-on-Meek-meme


7. Redemption: Drake asks for time to say the right words. Us as fans always hear straight bars and love songs from the rap god; however, that doesn’t mean issueless when it comes to people he cares about. Is “redemption on your mind, when you think about Drake?”

8. With You: PartyNextDoor, OVO affiliate, provides a verse and chorus asking where his girl is going (or hanging out with), because she’s the only one he wants to hang with. PND had some recent troubles with girls, but we won’t get into that.

VIEWS…P3 up next 😈

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9. Faithful: Faithful features Pimp C and new OVO artist dvsn. This album, if you have not noticed yet, is emotional and sensitive drake (Take Care flow). He sing/raps about his affection of a girl but she’s too busy to be with him. He has to decide if he is going to move on or be patient & faithful for the girl he wants. Been there done that, right? Pimp C starts the track of tough, and dvsn straight kills it!


10. Still Here: When a Drake beat drops, you can tell when it’s going to be fire emojis. I love this song! Drake speaks about his success in the chorus, and in the middle of verse two says,” I got talk to God even though he ain’t near me, Based on what I got it’s hard to think he don’t hear me.” In the Beats 1 interview, he speaks about living in LA next to Kanye. Both of them refer to themselves as God’s of music.


11. Controlla: Drake is on his smooth, Caribbean, flow on this track. The song features Jamaican artist Popcaan & was released before the album drop. It has a soothing beat, great for the beach.  Which girl is controlling Drake? Cuz Meek surely can’t.

12. One Dance: On this track, the 6ix God  is coined to be an acrobat tune, with infectious dance vibrations. Vocals come from a sampled track by Kyla (sampled here) and an additional feature is added from the Nigerian pop star Wiz Kid. Drake says, “Thats why I need a one dane.” Is this possibly referring to Rihanna’s grinding skills?


13. Grammys: Whenever you see a Future feature on a Drake track, or vise versa, you know it has a chance to be a hit. Drake switches up his flow sounding like his Summer 16 song. Drake has, of course, won a grammy award and has been nominated for many past so he reflects on his musical past.









14. Childs Play: If Young Metro don’t trust you, well you’re  probably dead. I really dig this song, and you will too. Metro samples “Rode Dat Dick Like a Soulja” by Dj Ray Ray. “Bounce that shit like WHOAH.” He says if your girl went to a basketball game, good chance she’s sleeping with the team; that is if she’s on Drakes level.

15. Pop Style: Pop Style is one of my personal favorites on the album. Drake has released two versions of this, one in which brings along “The Throne,” also known as Kanye and Jay-Z, as a feature and the other where he is solo (the one that made the album). The beat, as soon as it starts, will you give you goosebumps & it is backed up with a melody and flow that is insane. He boasts that he’s got so many chains that they call him Channing Tatum. Nice play on words, but you gotta respect a chain like this…

Chaining Tatum

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16. Too Good: Rihanna and Drake have chemistry. If they aren’t a thing now, they can sure prove their past connection was something special on any song they team up on. This song sounds a lot like their past collaborations, but it still makes you dance around and bob your head. Are you too good for anyone? Does anyone abuse how much you love them?

17. Summers Over Interlude: “Already told you, I don’t feel the same
I don’t feel the same.” Its summer time in the Six. 7820.jpg

18. Fire and Desire: Drake talks about dedicating himself to his girl. He is down to do whatever for his girl. Cutting out exes, dropping things in his life, he sings she’s a “real ass woman and I like it.”


19. Views: Song starts out with some Gospel singing, “No, Nooo, noooo,” signaling he will never leave her. And jumps right in with one of the more creative lyrics on the album. “Yeah, you feel the pressure, man, I know the pressure & my wifey is a spice like I’m David Beckham.” Damn… Where you at Meek? All you do is scream!


20. Hotline Bling: Hopefully y’all know about this song by now. Through all the drama that Meek Mill caused with accusing Drake of having a Ghost writer, which almost ever rapper has, Drake released Hotline Bling which became one of the biggest songs of 2015. It created countless remixes, memes, & money for the rapper.







Production done by:

Enjoy the Album. Thank you 6ix God!



Download link websites confirmed to have it:, 360music, ddotmen, zippy share



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