Tuesday Primary Predictions

Republican Primary: Ted Cruz joining forces with John Kasich just proves that Cruz has accepted defeat. The Donald is definitely cracking up with his campaign staff over this sell out move by Cruz. It also shows that he is not only anti Trump but also pro establishment. No one wants John Kasich in office, if you are an anti establishment guy, which Cruz claims he is, you would do anything to prevent Kasich from getting the nomination. I think the Cruz and Kasich team up will only help Trump secure the GOP nomination.


Democratic Primary: Does anyone even care about this race? It is clearly over. Hillary has this thing in the bag. Bernie can win the rest of the states and Hillary would still somehow have more delegates than him. Honestly no one is taking defeat easier than Bernie. So pathetic. He’s getting screwed over by the DNC and doesn’t even care. Hillary roasts him all the time and Bernie doesn’t even care to respond. So sad. And when he does stick up for himself, which is rare, he’ll tell Hillary to “Shut up.” Then Facebook will blow up and “Bernie Sanders Dank Memes,” Facebook group will talk about how he owned Clinton. Telling her to shut up and to let you finish. Wow you’re such a tough guy, Bernie. Complete Savage.


States Prediction:

Connecticut: (D) Hillary (R) Trump

Delaware: (D) Hillary (R) Trump

Maryland: (D) Hillary (R) Trump

Pennsylvania: (D) Hillary (R) Trump

Rhode Island: (D) Bernie (R) Trump

Hillary wins 4/5. Yuuggee sweep for Trump.


-The Rabbi (TRUMP2016)

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