Monkee Monday-You & I

Ok, you may have noticed my love for the group in previous articles but come on, they’re a classic. Bandmember Peter Tork said eventually they had one of the top 5 greatest catalogs of music ever. Sure that’s probably exaggerated. Give them some credit, they did have three #1 singles and in 1967 outsold the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined, along with the popular tv show they were created for.

So why did i pick this one? Well for the fact it’s got Neil fuckin Young on lead guitar and for the autobiographical message in its lyrics. At the time of its release on their album in 1969, their popularity was on a huge downswing, while aforementioned member Tork had quit the band in late 1968 due to “exhaustion”. The lyrics pretty much talk about how the band has grown along with their fans and how time has taken its toll, at one point speaking of the awareness that they’ll not be together much longer, when in fact the band did break up in 1971. I’m also a fan of the mono mix in the link included vs. the stereo one, as it feels like a much more raw sound.

Overall this has to be one of my fav tracks of theirs and sadly more haven’t discovered much of their music like this past the conclusion of the tv show. Check it out.

-The Irishman

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