Chaos in Detroit

Tyler Collins with the hardo move of the day. Collins went to catch an easy pop up against Oakland and made an error. The Detroit fans booed him after the error in which he responded by flipping off the home crowd.

Honestly in this situation I don’t know who is more of the hardo, Collins for flipping off the Detroit fans or the Detroit fans who booed him when they had a 6-0 lead late in the game. It doesn’t make any sense. It wasn’t even like that error caused a runner to come in. You had a 6 run lead. Chill out Michiganders.

No doubt Tyler Collins hates playing in Detroit. None of their players do. This is coming from a Detroit fan, I will even admit the city is not the greatest place to live in. Almost anywhere is better than Detroit.

You know the MLB is so rattled right now. They don’t even know what to do in this situation. Flipping off the opposing team’s fans is one thing but when you flip off your own fans, that’s just insane. This has to be a first.

Fox Sports Detroit is even rattled. They put out this video about how we all have Tyler Collins moments. They don’t even know if they should say Collins was in the wrong. Honestly I’m with them, if I was a member of the media, I wouldn’t even know how to respond to this situation. Confusing stuff.

There are 2 things that we can learn from this situation: Detroit fans have no faith in their bullpen. How can you boo a guy for making a measly error when you are up 6-0 late in a game? The second is Tyler Collins definitely has anger issues. I hope this isn’t the last we hear of young Tyler. Keep the middle finger high to the sky.

-The Rabbi

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