Top 5 shots from Game of Thrones S6 E1 “The Red Woman”

#5 Me and Khal Moro got problemsIMG_0788.PNG

Just had to throw this in there. Look buddy, I make the top 5 lists round’ these parts, not you. Capisce? However true this may be, leave the top 5 lists for Gardens and Buzzfeed. Actually no fuck Buzzfeed.

#4 Mereen up in flames


Great shot by Jeremy Podeswa here, who’s becoming one of my favorite Thrones directors (also did Kill the Boy and Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken from S5). Honestly a bit puzzled at how Mereen will end up, seems like it will be a shit show all season.

#3 Truer words have never been spoken



Wasn’t a fan of these Dothraki trying to talk dirty to bae but this is just a true statement. Not saying I condone the actions but nevertheless, it is true.

#2 Melisandre bewbs


Going to try and completely forget the fact that she turned into an old grandma. Tbh a little tough to get that thought of my head. Some nice bewb action from Melisandre per usual and the only bewb action of Episode 1.

#1 The Prince gets a facialIMG_0791.PNG

By far the best shot of Episode 1. Even though I totally saw it coming that he was going to get double team, didn’t quite expect to see a sword go right through his face.


Stay updated for Episode 2 next week.




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