Birdman (Baby) Cries

The Breakfast Club is a well known radio station (105.1), that consists of DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God. Charlemagne is known for giving his honest opinion on artists which sometimes gets him trouble. On April 22, 2016,  “rapper” Birdman  was a guest on the show which didn’t last very long. Birdman is, without a doubt, the worst rapper on the planet. He is clearly upset when he walks into the room, repeatedly asking the crew to “respect” his names. With a stage name like “Baby”, you will see why the videos and memes, like the ones below, are quite ironic and hilarious. Take a second and watch the two minute video that they are inspired by. Not interested? At least check out the memes!

Who doesn’t love a MJ crying meme & an obnoxious laugh?










Young Thug, is a newer rapper that is known to collaborate with Birdman occasionally. He posted a video (posted below), stating that Charlemagne better watch out because he’s going to get “tortured” by Baby’s crew.

Thug has word for Charlamagne 👀

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We will see if the Blood gang member will keep his word and “beat the f***” out of the radio host who seems to cause trouble with everyone, or will respect his opinion like any thug, man, artist, etc. should.



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