I don’t want to be a total hipster here, because I truly hate hipsters, but Nicolas Winding Refn is the absolute man. GOAT. (realistically he’s one of my top ten directors, not quite the GOAT).

In any case, his visual style is something to be studied frame-by-frame. Drive (2011) and Bronson (2008) are two of the greatest films of the young century and I can not wait for his next film, The Neon Demon. 

To be honest, this trailer is not great, but it does showcase his truly remarkable style; particularly his use of a symmetrical frame, bright colors, and slow, Kubrick-like crawling camera. I dig all of it.

The Neon Demon revolves around an aspiring model who gets caught in a dark and bloody plot after moving to Los Angeles. Probably what will happen to me this Summer.

Somewhere along the line Keanu Reeves becomes involved, although he is not shown in the trailer.

It is the first horror film by auteur Nicolas Winding Refn.

The Neon Demon premieres June 2016 and is produced by Amazon Studios.

-B the Eagle

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