That 70’s Stoners


that 70's show

But oh, the 70’s. A time of rock n roll, big hair, disco, and yes, marijuana too. And boy did it have an influence of this most epic of shows. So without further ado, in honor of the recent 4/20, here are your top 5 potheads from That 70’s Show, dumbass!!!

#5 Fez – Those damn foreigners. You never learned his real name. And he always had a terrible case of “blue balls”.


#4 Eric Forman – Some love people. But Eric loves…cake. He’s everyone’s favorite underdog and always one to have your back. In the end, he did what we all wanted him to do, and that’s be with Donna.

eric forman



#3 Kelso – The biggest idiot you’ll ever know, and often just as superficial as on-off girlfriend Jackie. More than likely he did it with every girl in Point Place.


#2 Hyde – Government hater and camaro lover, Steven Hyde was something else. Come to think of it, one flashback showed him as the one that got everyone into the devil’s lettuce in the first place. He was what your mom warned you about.


#1 Leo -This one was by far the easiest to rank. Self-proclaimed stoner in real life Tommy Chong played the king of all tv hippies in Leo. You never really know what he’s saying, and he won’t remember what you’re saying. Has been rumored to make grilled cheese without the cheese and saw God on a bus once. So here’s to you Leo, man. You are the king.


So there you have, the undisputed rank of Point Place’s stoners from the years 1976-1979. They’re all alright, hello Wisconsin!!!

-The Irishman

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