Alligator community hears me call them out, comes back in big way

So the other day I blogged my top 5 predators ( and threw a cheap jab at alligators.

Pretty much I said that crocodiles are putting them to shame and that they are essentially becoming the laughing stock of the predator world. The gators heard me and they came out in a BIG way.

I’m honestly in shock about this video. I knew the gator community might throw something at me to try and ruffle my feathers but this was more than I could have asked for. To say that this behemoth of a predator has caught my attention is an understatement.

Duly noted 15 foot alligator, spare the rest of the gator community, your species is officially being considered in next years top predator blog. No more eating little gators please, they have families too.


Author: Brogy

Normal guy.

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