Purple Tears: Prince Dead at 57

Sadly, today (April 21st, 2016), we have lost the musical genius known as Prince, at the age of 57. On April 15th, the singer, real name Prince Rogers Nelson, had an emergency health issue. It was reported that he had been battling the flu (TMZ), but still showed up to his concert the following day to reassure his fans that all was well. A few days have gone by since this incident and the creative icon has now passed this morning in his studio/ home, Paisley Park. fc7bf585203799b68847594c6bbc4f6c.jpg

Prince will alway be remembered for his Rock n Roll, R&B, classical funk, electrifying concerts, and influence in the musical industry. One of his greatest performances to date was the halftime show of Super Bowl XLI. He performed a bountiful of hits, but managed to bust out one of his greatest hits “Purple Rain” during the Bears/Colts match-up just as it started to downpour to provide one of the most ironic and breathtaking halftime performances in all of football (We have an issue if you think Bruno Mars did better.). Below is a clip of this performance.

Not only did Prince make music that touched the heart, but he really opened the world’s eyes to the issues in the music industry as well as problems the world was facing. He referred MANY TIMES, that the music labels and music sharing companies, like Apple, are the ones that are generating the money that the artist rightfully deserve. Quotes of the artist include, “Record contracts are just like — I’m gonna say the word — slavery,”as well as “Tell me a musician who’s got rich off digital sales. Apple’s doing pretty good though, right?”. Today’s artist really appreciated what Prince has done in the musical world, even though he has been in & out of the industry making music, he has touched many of the artists of today’s generation.  Here are just a few posts by artists who have shown their and agreement with Prince’s thoughts on the industry. 

There are obviously thousands more, but it is just remarkable the impact this man has had in music. I am sure they are hosting a huge concert & party in heaven for the icon who was astonishing. I leave you with one of his more recent quotes at the Grammy awards in 2015 regarding just a few things that Prince spoke & stood for most:prine-black-lives-matter-grammysHere is my personal favorite song by Prince, “Kiss”.


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