Fly Eagles Fly! Eagles trade for 2nd overall pick


Rolling on the floor laughing at the moment. This is the most typical Philadelphia Eagles move, you almost can’t write it better. Throwing away basically their entire 2016 draft away and next years first rounder which is guaranteed to be a top 15 pick basically. Just pure pandemonium. Doesn’t even matter who they draft, they’re going to be shitty. I’m hoping it’s Carson Wentz because I already know he’s going to be bad without even seeing a picture of him or watching any tape. All I know is that he’s from North Dakota State, so yeah he’s gonna suck.

Don’t sleep on how bad the Browns front office is though, this sneaky might be a great trade for the Eagles. Any time you make a trade with the Cleveland Browns you automatically assume that you won the trade, so I guess good trade by the Eagles? Poor Sonny Weaver Jr, guy will always be the laughing stock of the league.


Author: Brogy

Normal guy.

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