Power Rankings: Bieber’s Exes

Love or hate Justin Bieber’s music or lifestyle choices, you have to respect him for AT LEAST two things: his recent Grammy award for the song “Where Are You Now” and his extremely attractive girlfriends (rumored & official). Here is a power ranking of the 5 most recent/ most attractive. If you really don’t care, do yourself a favor and scroll down to number 1. 

5. I’m leaving number five, for one of the newer rumored love interest of Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian. Ever since her break up from Scott Disick, she has been seen with the young pop start on several occasions. April 18 (yesterday), the Kardashian sister turned 37, and apparently received a birthday message claiming he wants to “spoil” her. Hmm lets see how this plays out.


4. Now don’t get me wrong, Chantel Jeffries (age 23) is really good looking, but has been attached to the downfall of the Biebs. She is a renowned model (famous for nothing, but looking hot) and was the girl pictured in Justin’s Lambo the night he was arrested. She probably told him shed touch his Bieber Weiner if he sped home. Nevertheless, she’s pretty good at what she does, I guess.

3. Hailey Baldwin (age 19) is the niece to actor Alec Baldwin and is, you guessed it, a model. She is good friends with the Jenner girls, and when she is not denying her relationship with JB, she’s jet skiing or hanging at Justin’s concerts. She has been the most recent love interest of Justin’s and they are spotted with each other just about every other day.


2. “You’re  a wizard” Justin. Well not exactly, but he was/ is able (they are on & off) to date Selena Gomez (age 23) who received fame from Barney & Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. She continued her acting career starring in Harmony Korine’s, “artistic,” Spring Breakers and is a singer/songwriter known for “catchy” pop songs like “Come and Get it” & “Same Old Love.” She is of Mexican decent and is ridiculously good looking (Praying that Trump doesn’t deport her). There is one downfall however, she’s best friends with Taylor Swift (a huge part to why they broke up).

1. Yovanna Ventura (age 20) is a model from Florida, and dated Justin back in 2014. Since then, she racked up a couple million Instagram followers, works out her ass like crazy in the gym, and the best characteristic, she volunteers at animal shelters because she has a love for dogs. Every day, I ask myself, “Where are you now?” BECAUSE I NEED YOU!



You’re Welcome.



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