10 Reasons to Hop on the Warriors Bandwagon

I am a huge Detroit Pistons fan. No matter what they will always be my #1 team but one thing I have to say is that I love the Golden State Warriors. Everyone is hopping on the bandwagon. I am going to tell you why it is acceptable to do so.


Reason #1: Steph Curry: Earned Not Given

Lebron loves pushing his motto, “Earned Not Given.” Please Lebron shut up. You came into this league getting praised by every critic just like Kobe, Shaq, Iverson, Magic, and Jordan. That is the main reason why all of those guys are so easy to hate. Their ego was molded coming into the league and they only got more hyped as time went on.

Steph Curry came into the league as a lottery pick that most people saw as someone who would be a good bench player. Everyone knew he could shoot but didn’t think he could do anything else. Steph could have a career right now similar to Jimmer Fredette if he didn’t put work in. Steph proved everyone wrong and is on a different level than everyone else. I have never seen anyone shoot like him. Michael Jordan couldn’t even shoot like that. Steph Curry isn’t real.

Reason #2: They aren’t an historically hated organization.

This team has sucked for the past three decades. Growing up I never heard anyone say I hate the Golden State Warriors. Honestly I never heard anyone say that they liked the Warriors. This team has gotten no love or hate for the past 30 years. Just an irrelevant franchise. Rooting for the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, and Pistons when they were all dominant teams during the past decade was impossible because you thought back to how much you hated their past teams. This isn’t the case with the Warriors.

Reason #3: Shutting Up the 97 Bulls

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen have to be two of the cockiest athletes of all time. These two constantly talk crap about how no one could ever beat them. Pippen even recently said that they would smoke the current Warriors. Seeing Steph and company break their record was a gift to everyone. Now we don’t have to hear those two ego maniacs talk about their regular season accomplishments anymore.


Reason #4: Shaun Livingston

Does anyone remember how athletic Livingston was before he got injured? I remember the day he got hurt. One of the nastiest injuries I have ever seen. I thought for sure that he would never step on the court again. Out of nowhere he checks into Golden State and looks like his old self again. How can you not root for this guy? After all that rehab he comes back and joins Steph on the most dominant team of all time. Love it.

Reason #5: Luke Walton

The king of memes is the Warriors’ assistant coach. He was the original Brian Scalabriene. This guy is a legend. No one has sat on the bench more than Luke has. He definitely learned a lot from sitting on the pine next to Phil Jackson. He is currently getting coaching offers from teams like the New York Knicks now after what he did with the Warriors in Steve Kerr’s absence. Crazy Stuff.


Reason #6: They aren’t cocky.

I know you are probably thinking, “Yes they are. Did you see the comment Andre Iguodala made about the Rockets yesterday?” Yes I am aware but there was nothing wrong with it. The Rockets suck. It was a scrimmage from the Warrior’s point of view. Dwight Howard is horrible. Josh Smith is even worse. It’s a sad scene in Houston but back to my point.

You don’t hear these guys talking about how a dynasty is being made in Oakland. No one on this team ever talks about how good they are. Anyone remember the Heat a couple of years ago? Lebron, Bosh, and Wade were talking trash before they even started practicing together. Point made.

Reason #7: They were built through the draft.

The Warriors didn’t convince any big free agents to come over to win championships together. This isn’t Miami. This team was built through the draft. They drafted Festus Ezeli, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, and Draymond Green. Unbelievable draft picks.

I feel bad for the current mega teams in the NBA. If the Warriors didn’t have this front office, the Cavaliers would have won the championship last year and probably could have repeated this year.


Reason #8: It’s Always Raining Threes

Who doesn’t love watching a fast pace offense that just drains threes from all over the court? Besides watching someone get jammed on the second best thing about basketball is seeing someone drill a three from way downtown and the Warriors do that CONSTANTLY. Curry keeps breaking his own records for threes. He already has more career three pointers than his father who was a pretty solid NBA player.

Reason #9: Shutting Up Westbrook and the Thunder

If you aren’t a Thunder fan, you definitely hate Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is always talking crap and doing some pregame dance that just makes you want to punch him in the face.

The Thunder can’t beat the Warriors. If they somehow get past the Spurs in the semifinals, it’s going to be a total laughing stock of a playoff series. I almost hope they do so the Warriors can sweep them. No doubt Durant and Westbrook will leave if that happens. They even know they have no shot of beating the Warriors in the future.


Reason #10: Watching How Rattled the Cavaliers Are.

The Thunder blew out Cleveland twice this year and it most likely is going to happen again in the NBA Finals. I don’t care if you say they didn’t have Kyrie or Love in the finals last year. It doesn’t matter. This team has gotten that much better. Lebron’s frustration in each game, brings joy into everyone’s lives. When it comes to being rattled have you seen, Kevin Love’s face against the Warriors? He doesn’t even know what the hell is going on when they are on defense.


And to add insult to injury they have Cleveland legend, Anderson Varejao on their squad now. No doubt Vareajo was happy to hand over his knowledge of the Cavaliers playbook to the Warriors coach staff. Who would of thought that the Wildman (Anderson Varejao) would get a ring before the city of Cleveland?


If you are ashamed at admitting that you have hopped on the Warriors bandwagon, it’s ok we are all there with you. It’s time we get together and enjoy an historical playoff run and watch a lovable team take LBJ and Cleveland down for a second year in a row. Here’s to hoping they finish the playoffs 16-0.

-The Rabbi

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