So the Pope and a jew walk into a bar…


“If anyone thinks that greeting someone is getting involved in politics, i recommend that he look for a psychiatrist.” That’s what Pope Francis said about his recent meeting with US Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, pretty much shutting down what I was about to do: overanalyze this like a gossip magazine.

You’ve never seen them in the same place at the same time. One of them has to be Batman. But really, like the Pope said, this wasn’t the epic meeting many speculated it to be when it was first reported to happen. Pope Francis went on to say he only shook hands and chatted briefly after the Senator visited the Vatican briefly for a conference on economy and social justice, two things for which his presidential campaign are heavily based on. For what Bernie had to say on this, “I told him that I was incredibly appreciative of the incredible role that he is playing in this planet in discussing issues about the need for an economy based on morality, not greed.”

Initially I wondered, “Wait, why him? Wouldn’t the Pope wanna meet with a republican candidate he may have more in common with?” (for those who didn’t know from the title, the Senator is in fact Jewish) Like both of them reported though, this really wasn’t anything more than two strangers casually running into each other and hyped up by the media. Some may be reading into it more and see it as a grab by Sanders to get the Catholic vote from his opponent Hillary Clinton, but such a thing is unlikely to happen so close to the New York primary where Mrs. Clinton is heavily favored.

However you interpret it, the Pope put it best; “This is called good manners and it is not getting involved in politics.” Let it be, right?

-The Irishman

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